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Friday, June 08, 2007

Kelseys myspace

Ever since I posted on Kelsey Smiths story (in case you don't know, she went missing and was murdered shortly afterward, sadly) I have had so many searches linking people over to my blog, searching for Kelsey's myspace page. I didn't have it to begin with, I only wrote about the dangers of posting your information on the internet. But for all those searching, her myspace page is right here

There you go.

PS, I wrote it in my previous post on this tragedy that if you use myspace DON'T let people know which school you go to or where you work on your profile. I notice that Kelsey had that information. That's very risky. Make sure your kids don't do this either.
posted by Grace B at 6:29 AM


Hi Carmel!
Thanks for this link. What a sad the end. We live in dangerous world.
Thank you so much for your supportive words and prayers. My daughter-in-law feels much better. I was scared so my informs are not clear. On the photos is new baby, my son with his wife and first baby Kevin. Kevin is 2years old. Both Kevin and Kyle were born in Jun. New born baby is Kyle.
So I have two grandsons.
Two sons but my first son have not kids yet.

God bless you and your family!

7:03 AM  

I have a myspace page and so does almost every single one of my friends . I think that people in general need to exercise a bit of discression with these things and there has to be much more supervision and education where younger & more impressionable and vulnerable children/young adults are involved.

I don't think myspace is a bad thing if it is used properly and with discression. Most of my friends who own myspace have their profiles set to private (me included) and I don't add anyone unless I am sure that I know them or I have sent them a message to ask why it is they are seeking my friendship requests. Also, when using sites like myspace, kids need to know that it is NOT safe at all to put ANY kind of school information all over it especially if they are still attending.

And parents need to keep a really strict and watchful eye over it and really monitor who their kids are "friending"

That is such a terrible story, I visited the page and it made me feel really sad. Especially since it seemed like she wasn't even an obsessive or avid user cos she only had 24 friends... :(

10:52 AM  

We've been telling ds, ever since we got a computer, when he was in 7th grade, that anything you post on the internet is out in the public. DH likened it to hanging out on a busy street corner and sharing personal info with total strangers.

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You are welcome, I am glad that all are doing much better now!

Exactly, as long as your keep it at a safe level it's a wonderful way to interact with friends and new people from around the world.

Your DH likened it to how it is, I would be too scared to give out addresses and work places, yikes.

Thanks I'll visit.

10:47 AM  

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