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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Kelsey Smith

Find Kelsey from Kansas!

Missing June 2, 2007

*update, she was found and murdered, sadly. for those of you who have come to this page looking for her myspace address it's here
I thought I would add it since all the google searches for it are linking here.

Old story:
Lets hope that she is found and is well.
I must say that we should be aware of what kind of information we put online about ourselves, seems to give people the option of typing in where you work or go to school etc. I would suggest to people not to do that. Make sure you children and friends are not doing that, it's no strangers business.
I am not blaming the internet but I was looking at Kelsey's myspace page and it had the place where she goes to school and some theater where she worked. People please don't do that! That means that someone can wait outside of this area and find you, follow you and it is very risky.

Lord, I pray for the safe return of this girl and of all the missing.


posted by Grace B at 5:01 AM


Hi Carmel!
Very sad. I hope that she is found.
Your today's post is very important. Each person can read it.
Thanks a lot for this warning.
Peace be with you!

10:18 AM  

It seems they found her body. Very said. A life is snuffed out before it really gets a chance to begin. It's scary, for every chance person that's found, there are a dozen more who never are or are found dead.

4:00 AM  

Krystyna and Jack,
Yea it's sad and such a terrible thing.
I am glad that they caught the suspect, if he did it he deserves a huge sentence.

4:48 AM  

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