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Thursday, May 17, 2007


"Natural Family Planning involves acceptance by the couple of a way of life of conjugal harmony and devotion to their children, which makes of their life something beautiful for God."
~ Mother Teresa of Calcutta


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Hi Carmel!

The term Family Planning is sometimes used interchangeably with the term Birth Control, although there are some differences between the two terms. While birth control is something anybody can use to prevent pregnancy, Family Planning is seen as something monogamous couples use to temporarily delay pregnancy. In this way, family planning is seen as a method to plan, rather than prevent, children. Family Planning is seen as the responsible choice for couples who are not ready to have children in the present but may want to in the future.

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What is Family Planing?

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thanks for the link Krystyna.

You can also find more here: and also my favorite is here

I can't make it link over like yours.

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What I should also mention is that the natural family planning I use, which is called "The Billings Method" is just as effective and accurate as the pill, only there are no side effects and dangers. The accuracy is more than 99% if used correctly.
See ya!

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The most natural form of NFP is eco-breastfeeding. All one needs to know about systematic NFP as well as the Seven Standards of eco-breastfeeding is available at The "How To" NFP online manual is short, free and easy to understand. Couples starting their families can use eco-breastfeeding to space the births of their children and use systematic NFP only as needed. Some might also be interested in our "blog" in the upper right corner. Sheila Kippley

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Thank you for your visit, the information and the helpful links!

I hope that more women choose to be in tune with their bodies, rather than rely on unnatural methods with all the side effects!

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