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Monday, April 16, 2007

I want a beagle

I know that I can't have one because I won't be home enough, but I would love to own a beagle. I met 2 beagles over the weekend and it was love at first sight.
posted by Grace B at 6:13 AM


Beagles are great but they are active, overly energetic dogs. Great if you're an active, energetic person.

9:11 AM  

dogs are kinda like babies...they are fun to play with for a bit, but after a while they become high maintenance.

the big difference is if you have a really smart dog, he won't strike it rich and provide early retirement for his parents like a kid could :)

i am a cat person myself. they are fun, independent, and lower maintenance. plus you can throw a cat around (playfully of course) without worrying it will break its neck.

11:39 AM  

Art, yes, in order for me to ever own one, i'd need to be home more and have more time, which I never have more time lol.

I am a cat person too, but still love dogs. Yes dogs are higher maintenance and I don't have what it takes right now to own one. One thing I like about cats is that I don't have to go find their poop in the yard.
Take care!

4:47 AM  

hai carmel, how r u?
i was very busy with last 3 months.
nice post.

6:50 AM  

Do you have any cats, Carmel? We were a cat family for a long time before we were able to get a dog. There certainly are cats that have very outgoing personalities.

9:07 AM  

Hi noushad,
nice to see you again. I'm well and it's nice to know that you are back.

I had a cat but had to leave her in Australia, right now we cant have any pets because we spend a large amount of time away from home. As soon as we can have an animal i'd probably get another cat, i'd love a beagle but know that it's not possible.

10:46 AM  

I'm sorry you had to give up your cat! I hope you can get a pet soon.

2:14 PM  

OMG those are cute, I want one!!!

Dogs are not like Babies at all, they are so much better!! hahaha. Not to mention they will never let you down trust me, man those are cute dogs

9:40 PM  

Thanks, as soon as I can get one, I will!

They are very cute indeed. I am going through pet withdrawal symptoms I think!!

4:42 AM  

I liked the expression of the first one

11:08 PM  

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