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Monday, April 02, 2007

Dr.John Billings

Sadly, I found out from Antonia's World
That Dr.John Billings died....
Dr John Billings, world-renowned pioneer of natural fertility regulation, died last night aged 89 after a short illness.

John James Billings AM, KCSG, MD, FRCP, FRACP, was born in Melbourne on 5 March 1918 and educated at Xavier College and the University of Melbourne. Married to Dr Evelyn L Billings, nee Thomas in 1943, John saw service as an army doctor with the AIF during WWII in PNG.
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I chose to study the Billings method for NFP about 6 months before I got married,(and use it now that I am married) after a friend loaned me her copy of "The Billings Method" book by Dr.Evelyn Billings. I had originally been studying NFP by Couple to Couple league, but since I was living in Australia, it was easier to study something that most other couples I knew used. The Billings method is a form of Natural family planning that teaches a woman to interpret signs of fertility, and can be used to avoid or achieve pregnancy, using no drugs, devices or side effects.
Personally, I think it's a great way for a woman to know how her body works and all the signs of change. It is scientifically proven too, no matter what stories are out there, if you use it properly it does work.

So Dr.John Billings may have passed away, but has left women with a wonderful way, which allows us to manage our fertility without use of drugs and unnatural means.

Above is a picture of Dr.John Billings, meeting with John Paul II
The Billings Method


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Paul II a big man!

11:42 AM  

May he rest in peace.

7:41 AM  

Great man.
May he rest in peace!
Thanks for sharing!

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