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Friday, February 09, 2007


A few friends of mine sent me these flowers as a wedding wish, and had them delivered to my door. Are they not beautiful?

posted by Grace B at 2:17 PM


nice flowers. the morning of our wedding, i had flowers delivered to the house. I was staying elsewhere. My wife played it cool and didn't mention the flowers the entire day until I asked...what a jerk! :)

6:48 PM  

Wow...your time is coming soon!!!!

7:02 PM  

Nice floweres,I am planning to send a gift soon :):)
good day & a nice week end

9:32 PM  

Those flowers are super beautiful!
You must be getting excited now! Only ONE month to go!
Where are you at the moment? Still in Australia or have you flown over to the US?

I am so excited for you!

God Bless

with LOTS of love

1:26 AM  

Hi Carmel!
Beautiful! thanks for sharing.
Have a wonderful weekend!

3:17 AM  

Fatwonkkid, that's a funny story, maybe your wife was so excited about marrying you that she forgot to tell you!

Yup I am, are you ready for me, is the USA ready? Hopefully I don't scare the Americans.

Awww deepak,
You are just a lovely person I hope you know that.

Does this bring back memories? Yes i'm super excited, i'm still in AUstralia but i'm leaving next week.
Thank you.

Thanks to you too, and also have a good weekend.

4:50 AM  

They are beautiful!

12:50 PM  

Congrats on your upcoming marriage!
May God bless you and Jonathan and give you a very fruitful and happy marriage!

3:29 PM  

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