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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Some fun

Try this for karaoke. I wonder how you will keep up.

posted by Grace B at 9:45 PM


haha! That was funny!

12:55 AM  

it's funny but karahoke is not for me

1:51 AM  

Hi Carmel!
This is really some fun.Thanks!
I like this.

5:23 PM  

I LOVE that song! And very appropriate for wedding receptions too (hint hint!)!
I'm sure my quality sing-along did not do it justice!

5:30 PM  

I gave up and started singing La Bamba

10:21 PM  

Oh man..that's impossible

6:11 AM  

thanx for ur comments.
How r u?

10:18 PM  

This is yet another reason why I don't Karoke. A shameful display by me.

6:39 AM  

Are you kidding? I wasn't able to keep up after the first syllable!

I want an audio tape of you doing this! ;)

9:01 AM  

Hi:) Thank you.
I am back.I will post a review about IFFK 2006 on Monday.Good day & nice weekend.
Hope you r fine.If posiible see"Volver"& El violin.They r very good movies.

11:14 PM  

Yeah I thought so too, and of course couldn't keep up.\

Karaoke is not for me either.

You are welcome, blessings to you too.

Marie Linda,
Yes I do get the hint lol.

Maybe you are more spanish.

I totally agree.

GOod and you?

You would have to be a genius to sing that.

You send me yours and i'll send you mine. :)

Welcome back, thanks for the suggestions, i'll come and visit you soon.

5:08 PM  

hehehe, that karaoke thing was fun and looke like some German production because of the "Gitarrensolo". I did not manage at all to keep up!

10:34 AM  

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