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Sunday, December 10, 2006


My cat gave birth to a pig, true story.

You can shake your head because yes, I am a strange bird. In my defence though, I did not take this picture :)
posted by Grace B at 10:42 PM


AWWW congrats! haha :) how cute, and I don't even like cats

11:16 PM  

Hmmm. I guess it is a premature delivery. How else you can explain such a tiny pig. Take good care of him

12:17 AM  

Phats and Navin,
Posting a photo like this makes me more convinced that i'm weirder than I think :/

1:25 AM  

hahaha!! That's funny & cute!

12:50 PM  

If my cat gave birth to a pig, she would eat it! ;)

7:48 PM  

I had a bit of a think before posting this because it's so silly lol.

I have seen your cat from one of your links, very cute. Also, my cat would probably do the same, and if not, she would at least kill it.

11:46 PM  

HeHe! This picture looks questionable until you look at your cat's face and notice how she seems to not even know that the pig exists! : )
Very cute!

5:28 PM  

Your cat doesn't seem to mind. Cute!

7:16 PM  

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