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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Fatherly love

How deep can one fathers love be? Someone just sent me this and I found it to be so beautiful. It says a lot about the power, strength and depth of love.

The father and son team in the video are Dick and Rick Hoyt (yes they rhyme lol) if you want to know more about them click here: Team Hoyt

"It’s been a story of exclusion ever since he was born. When he was eight months old the doctors told us we should just put him away — he’d be a vegetable all his life, that sort of thing. Well those doctors are not alive any more, but I would like them to be able to see Rick now." ~ Dick Hoyt
posted by Grace B at 7:20 PM


oh wow! So beautiful!

thanks! I put it on my blog too!

thanks for sharing!

lotsa love

3:37 PM  

Hi Carmel!
Thank you soo much for this incredible story! I was touched.
I'd like to put it on my Polish blog but I don't know if you agree and I don't know how doing Video.Could you tell me little bit?

7:03 PM  

You are welcome, and thanks for the link to yours truly!

You can take whatever you want from my blog, so yes I agree!
go here:

Once you are there, select all the code where you see "embed" and paste it onto your post for your blog, but don't go to 'compose' before publishing, only publish from the html part.
If i've confused you email me:

7:22 PM  


10:29 PM  

hey r u going... what happend to your photoblog, u had so nice 'old' photos there...
well... thanks for passing is always a pleasure for me...
by the way, touching story...

11:04 PM  

..un sorriso tutto italiano da me a te.


12:09 AM  

Wow that's cool, thanks for sharing.

My dad and I are pretty close too seeing as how he saved my life haha

11:46 AM  

yupp .. I have seen this .. it's not the relationship .. but it's the love between them .. I am sure the father felt proud.

7:23 PM  

Smiley back to you! :)

Im good thank you and you? I will post on my photo blog soon, I took a short break because I am waiting for my holiday, i'll put some new ones on soon!

un sorriso anche per te, grazie per la tua visita, ho visitato il tuo bellisimo blog e ritorno!

I like the story about how your dad saved your life and I am glad you shared it also.
Thats a true love.

The father did look pretty proud in the clip also. It's amazing.

7:34 PM  

wow thats extremely powerful! very touching story.

9:29 AM  

Thank you very much!You got a good instruction. This video I put there:
Blessings to you!

2:42 AM  

I'm such a Daddy's Girl so I could not help but be extra moved by the wonderful story you shared. Thank you.

Love really does conquer all, doesn't it?

Have a great week ahead! =)

4:30 AM  

have a great wonderful day!

5:46 AM  

Beautiful, but soooo sad.
Now I'm all teary!
' ]

6:43 AM  

beautiful film , also the previous ones are wonderful. Unfortunately in these days I have had to work and I do not have post of the comments

10:01 AM  

Oh Carmel, this is so beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes...
Thank you so much!
The love of the Father certainly lives in you!!!

11:28 AM  

Awww most of you are teary! So was I, it is beautiful.
Glad everyone liked it :D

4:35 PM  

wowo beautiful and funny

11:23 AM  

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