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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Candle making

I don't know where I'm going to find the time, but I really want to attempt candle making. I have finally found a great starting place which is this great site called
Candletech. I think it would be a nice distraction from every day things.
Right now I'm swamped with everything else, like trying to decide where to begin with moving out of my house, selling lots of furniture and other unwanted things, then living at my mothers house, before I leave for the U.S. I also hope and pray for good tenants, I'm going to find a good real estate agency who "should" be able to look after that. Also, pray for Antonia and Chris to find their new place to live soon!
Also, today is the feast of
All Souls it's certainly busy in the Church calendar this month!!! Before being interested in the Church calendar I never bothered to find out about these days which sounded boring to me at the time, but they are far from it, there is so much to discover about where and why these feast days are celebrated and remembered.
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Hey Christmas is coming up, can you make one for me to give to my gf?


I think it's awesome good luck with this!

11:15 PM  

aww! thanks Carmel!

Wishing you every blessing on moving house (..& country!)! You must be very busy! Do you have a date set yet for your flights?

lotsa love

12:10 AM  

:)Are you going to settle in U.S

3:36 AM  

Hi Carmel!
This is really a good idea making candle by yourself.
Good luck and many blessings with your plans.

1:33 PM  

The marbled candles look pretty. It would be nice if you could embed some pebbles from there so that when you're here Stateside, you can have a bit of home with you.

Prayers for your sanity through this transition time.

4:54 PM  

Phats, I hope to make a candle that looks like a candle! I'll show photos too, I haven't started yet though I need to go buy the equimpment.

You're welcome and all the best! Yes i'm busy and haven't even got dates for my flights, except for rough dates, I think i'm leaving in february, and marrying in March, only 4 months left!

Yes I will be there permanently, so I have a lot to do.

Thank you! I hope to be able to make a nice candle at least.

Argent, that's a great idea, i'll try it and also post a picture, no matter now it turns out! It will be nice to bring some of home with me.
Thank you so much for the prayers.

5:39 PM  

Just happened to find your blog... I'm into Candle Making too. I'll bet ya that in no time you can make this amazing candle.


Eran, Candle Making Update

7:15 PM  

I remember when I and my classmates used to make fancy candles in art class in elementary school. I remember it fondly though I don't make candles now.

In all your busy schedule, do keep time for simple pleasures. For me I find when I am the most busy is when I need to be the most deliberate in taking small breaks for such times.

1:13 PM  

Good luck with everything as it sounds a bit hectic right now.

And I think the candle-making sounds like an excellent idea, and feel free to send any samples to Austin. Ha.

Hope the tenant search goes well.

10:44 AM  

the great passion of my wife to prepare e candles from intense red colors

1:10 PM  

my sister made candles when she was younger. it involved melting the wax in a pot. I guess when she melted the wax, some of the wax evaporated and settled on the kitchen floor. it was kinda funny, b/c the floor was slippery for a little bit.

2:43 PM  

Wow, you have some work cut out for you ahead! But you know, candle-making might just be the right thing to relax!

And I will pray for you and Antonia.

8:13 PM  

That's awesome, post a picture after you complete one!! You're so crafty

9:34 PM  

try to keep the bright light of the candle, which was u already made and comings.........

1:02 AM  

Hi Carmel!
I wish you many succsess in your plans.

3:55 AM  

eran, thanks! I wish that I could make that one lol.

Tim, we never did make candles when I was at school, I can't wait to see what I come up with. Thanks for the advice too, you're right, all of us should do that.

Thanks I hope to get my house empty and ready so "good" tenants can move in. Oh sure i'll send a candle!

I was thinking of red candles too, especially now that Christmas is comming. Grazie per la tua visita!

That wax on the floor happened to me when I was trying to wax my legs, it took some metal scraping before it would come out.

Thank you, your prayers are appreciated, I can't wai tto get there.

Phats, I hope i'm crafty, I like to think so anyway, thanks.

thank you!

THank you for your lovely thoughts.

2:38 PM  

:)Hi Carmel
very busy?

11:00 PM  

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