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Monday, November 13, 2006

A mixed post

I can't tell you how animal cruelty makes my skin crawl. Recently police found a kangaroo had been bashed and left in an abandoned car. A vet was called and the animal was then sedated and taken for treatment, suffering head wounds, a broken foot and broken ribs.
Most animals are defenseless against a human, the ones that are not so defenseless are not touched, but smaller ones like cats, dogs and like, can be targeted by cowards who know that there is no competition when it comes to harming another living being.
*update: Since writing this post, I heard that the kangaroo has now been put down. Who can fathom such cruelty? It's sick.

Now for a different thing alltogether!

This "deer with the jackolantern" made news in Australia from the U.S. It was a cute sight but i'm glad that eventually the jackolantern was removed from the animals head, allowing it to eat and drink, finally!
It sure makes an interesting picture. Perhaps it had a sweet tooth!

So here is a youtube video that I was asked to view. The person who made it asked me what I thought, I thought "AMEN!" it's very well done.
posted by Grace B at 2:04 PM


I hate animal cruelty. God has said not to harm the ones that can't speak .. animals are innocent and there is no bravery, nor fun or any sort of emotion other than evilness to harm an innocent one. They need our love and care ..

2:30 PM  

Animal cruetly disgusts me. This is one of the reasons I'm a vegan.

Ironically, when a human does something cruel like this to an animal, we say the human was "behaving like an animal".

Boggles the mind!

6:00 PM  

Animal cruelty:(
thankyou for the bday geetings.

9:50 PM  

This BLOGS are very fine and all the parts are very good.
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11:07 PM  

About animal - for me this is one of reasons I'm vege too.Thanks for this post.

1:45 AM  

Yes, animal cruelty is truly despicable.

But the Mass video is awesome! Amen, indeed. The words are the very same ones we say in our (United Methodist) Service of Word and Table. Watching that video gave me the same little shiver I get at communion.

Excellent! Thanks.

2:29 AM  

How sad for the kangaroo. Our world is headed for destruction! We just never learn.

The deer shot is soooo cute. He wanted some trick or treat... he got the trick, but did he get a treat???

The Video was very good indeed!
' ]

6:29 AM  

Those that are cruel to animals...are simply cruel people.

6:38 AM  

That is so sad Carmel :( People just baffle me sometimes. Tonight here in Indiana a guy was bitten by a deadly snake. It turns out he was keeping 40 of them in his house without letting anyone know, nor having permission. I am not a fan of snakes but that to me is cruelty too, since they weren't properly being taken care of.

That picture is great I love it! We have tons of deer here. Have you ever petted a Kangaroo? I think theya re cute

8:09 PM  

...un abbraccio


9:40 PM  

Yes, it's just plain nasty.
Maybe we should change the phrase to "behaving like a human" lol.
I agree, it is disgusting.
Thanks for your first visit!
You are welcome, I hope you have many more! Nice baby picture btw.
Thanks, i'll visit your blog too.
I didn't know you were a vegetarian. Animal cruelty is pretty much evil.
I'm glad that you like the Vid, thanks!
Glad you like the video! No treat for the deer lol.
The Pheonix,
The Pheonix,
Thanks, glad you like it. Yeah i've petted a kangaroo back when I was about 9 or 10.
Grazie per la tua visita.

3:01 PM  

That is a really good shot with the deer and the pumpkin.

As for people who do that kind of thing to animals, I don't even want to comment because they aren't worth the time. Awful.

5:41 PM  

Cruelty is never justified whether to animals or humans.

6:31 PM  

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