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Friday, November 10, 2006

Belinda Emmett dies at 32

Naturally it was sad to hear that Australian actress
Belinda Emmett lost her battle with cancer at 32 years of age. I remember a few years ago, hearing how she had overcome breast cancer, but then it returned and was diagnosed as bone cancer. But she dealt with it so well.
I love this picture of Belinda and her husband Rove on their wedding day, she looks so happy.

Let us pray O Lord,
the Creator, and Redeemer,
of all the faithful, grant to the souls
of your faithful departed, the remission of
all their sins.
By the supplications of Your Church, may they
obtain the pardon that they have always desired
from Your mercy, who live forever and ever

posted by Grace B at 10:30 PM


Hi Carmel,
this is very sad news.

8:58 PM  

I'm sorry to hear sad news. May God be close to her husband and family.

12:19 PM  

Oh dear, that is very sad. I didn't know her at all, but 32 is pretty young to die of breast cancer.

Eternal Rest Grant unto her oh Lord, may your light perpetual shine upon her, may she rest in peace. Amen

3:21 PM  

I am sorry to hear this, sad news! Especially so young :(

9:02 PM  

I haven't seen that photo before - it is lovely.
It is sad and a shock. I actually thought she was in remission and was surprised when I found out that she had died.
I'm glad Rove is taking time off for the rest of the year.
Pray for Rove and Belinda's family.

10:00 PM  

Iam sorry to hear his sad news.

2:28 AM  

It is sad news. Carolanne, i'm glad that Rove is taking the rest of the year off too.

2:22 PM  

Wow, That is very sad indeed. She looks so happy. Let us pray for her husband!

7:42 PM  

I have no idea who this is but anyone dying at such a young age is a tragedy, IMO.

7:47 PM  

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