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Saturday, December 09, 2006

The tree.

Here is that photo of the big Christmas tree in the city of Melbourne, blogger didn't let me add it to my post with my other photos so now I finally got it in! Also blogger keeps saying that the new version is available, has anyone updated to that? I am too scared to update because i'm afraid it might be the blogger beta that everyone hates.
Enjoy the photo! (ok it's not that big of a deal, just a tree.)

posted by Grace B at 10:55 PM


Hi Carmel
Great Xmas tree!
Great bridesmaid dresses
Great looking bride -
Wishing you all the best
and a mighty fine Sunday!

12:43 AM  

Oh, Carmel, I'm so glad you brought this up! I've been wondering about the new blogger as well. I keep chickening out on switching, since it says you can't switch back. "The devil you know is better than the devil you don't!"

Great tree! What is it like to have Christmas in the summer?!

8:35 AM  

A number of blogger users have fallen into problems by loosing their templates and or content while others have not. I quit using blogger over three years ago and use Typepad.

10:01 AM  

Thank you! Have a nice sunday yourself. Thanks for stopping by too.

I've heard some complaints about some people switching, so I think i'm going to stick to the devil I know! Christmas in the summer is nice too, i've had Christmas in the winter a few years back, it's the same feel but here we eat summer foods and celebrate under the AC. Hams, salads and fruit cake are all the go around this time of year, along with swimming, beaching and all that. I do like the winter better though.

Yeah i've heard that typepad is pretty good, Jonathan uses it. Thanks for the info on the blogger switch, i've decided not to do it.

2:54 PM  

Are the kids off from school there in the summer like they are here?

3:50 PM  

The kids are off school from the 15th of december til the 30th of January, it's our summer break. Our summer is terribly hot this year too, so I am guessing that swimming is going to be a big part of the holidays.

4:45 PM  

that tree looks fake...

I upgrade to beta 3-4 months ago. It is a little better, but expect a few hiccups here and there. The problem may be fixed, but it might crop up again as there will be a mass migration to beta.

5:54 PM  

awesome tree i finished my shopping today WOOHOO!

9:33 PM  

Yeah it's made of star shaped 'somethings' it's huge too!
I like it.

You finnished? Thats great. I am supposed to finnish my shopping on thursday but as the week looks busier it may actually be friday.

10:10 PM  

what a cute tree!

9:38 AM  

I find it impressive!

5:25 PM  

Its safe to change to the BETA version, as long as you don't accept their offer to "upgrade" your template. If you do, you loose all the stuff you have added to your current template, and that can really be a pain. I lost a whole day just after Christmas on this. If you do decided to "upgrade" your template, make sure you save the html for your current template in a text file somewhere so you can restore it if you need to. But that should not stop you from going "beta".

7:24 PM  

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