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Monday, November 20, 2006

Illegal abortion Dr. Avoids jail

I find it appalling that Dr.Suman Sood, only got a 2 year good behavior bond for illegally giving abortion drugs to a woman at 23 weeks of her pregnancy!
Soon after the woman took the drugs given to her by Dr.Sood, she delivered a baby boy in a toilet bowl. Therefore Dr.Sood was charged with manslaughter,(later aquitted) but the judge (Justice Carolyn Simpson) decided that because of the publicity surrounding the case, this was enough to drive the legal obligations home to other doctors and that 2 years good behaviou bond as punnishement was suffice.
I think it sends out the opposite message to doctors.
The punishment for this crime is normally a 10 year jail sentence, and Dr.Sood got a slap on the hand for it.
The baby boy died 5 hours after birth because his lungs were still underdeveloped so it was what we could call, mission accomplished.
How can people have so little regard for the unborn?
No wonder Dr.Sood was smiling when she left court, you can read the news story here
posted by Grace B at 3:11 PM


Disgusting and a lack of justice. I have a picture of my little girl at 20 weeks gestation, and I can see the contours of her face, her lips and nose, her arms, legs, and her little heart beating.

This makes me sick. That child had its humanity stolen by someone who took an oath to do no harm. God have mercy on him and on the legal system complicit in allowing this sort of thing to happen.

5:02 AM  

i suppose the doc used a pill because its illegal to do a reg abortion when a baby is that far along (in canada its 20wks in the states its 23wks)I thought that if a baby was born it was not longer a fetus without rights - in this case the judge took that law & scraped it.
Forgive them father for they know not what they do...@ least i hope they dont

3:03 PM  

That is disgusting, sorry to have read this :(

I know you don't celebrate it YET but happy thanksgiving, or if you do Happy Thanksgiving :)

10:39 PM  

100% agree with ya!
Oh wow I haven't seen you for so long, hope all is well there in BC!
Happy thanksgiving to you too, eat some turkey for me. I hope you have a great day too.
WE don't celebrate it in Australia but i've got a lot to be thankful for.

11:03 PM  

ugh. that is aweful.

3:36 PM  

I think that's disgusting. So what then, if the Dr murdered the baby after it was born would his sentence be so light? Because that's basically what happened.


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