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Saturday, December 02, 2006

One of those days.

Well I had previously typed some serious ramble here it was just one of those days, and now I have decided to make it more about my friends wedding, since it was so special, I have more photos too, but i'm leaving the cartoon up, again sorry for the swear word in it, I don't know how to blot those things out, but I do find this cartoon funny.
On to my friends wedding things......

Melbourne was great, I will still get those pictures posted, but I am pretty tired from the whole week. When I returned home, it was time for one of my dear friends wedding. It was beautiful, she is a wonderful girl, and her now husband has honored her and treated her like a princess, now i'll have to get used to her new surname.
I had such a great time, here is the first kiss as husband and wife! I had to crop it way too much because I was far away and it was really dim in there, so it's not the clearest.

My other close friend and I enjoying ourselves at the reception in the grooms family garden.
posted by Grace B at 9:51 PM


Hi carmel:
you look very beautiful.Pls dont forget to post your wedding photos through the blog.And also send me an invitation to attend your wedding.
good day:):)

11:09 PM  

You are great!
Have a lovely great Sunday!

4:06 AM  

Deepak, you would make a wonderful wedding guest, keep March 10th free to fly out of India!

Well thank you! You are not so bad yourself. :)

3:10 PM  

Carmel, the two of you look beautiful, especially you in that red dress! I suggest you use that image for your profile photo. Really!

8:55 PM  

Man I am so offended by the swear word Carmel! HAHA :) I am kidding.

That was a funny cartoon I liked it too

9:10 PM  

ti lascio un caro abbraccio!!


11:47 PM  

I love that bird comic. Thanks for the comment on my blog!

11:13 AM  

Why thank you! I'll take all compliments I can get lol.

You offended? sure :b

Grazie per il abbraccio!

Glad you like it, and you are welcome for the comment, Phats was such a good advertiser.

1:58 PM  

I figured after you said that about the caption you'd hate me for my potty mouth I am working on it though I promise :) haha

7:02 PM  

I don't hate you! :O

7:44 PM  

Very lovely photo of you and your friend.

LOL on the cartoon! It was quite cold here last night so the water in our birdbath froze. I was telling the kids to add water for the birdies.

7:42 AM  

Nice pics. Love that "offensive" cartoon!

9:21 AM  

great shot and nice garden Carmel

11:56 AM  

:):)good day

4:32 AM  

Hi Carmel,
have a great wonderful day!

6:49 AM  

Lady in, you look amazing.
Red is definitely your color.

I hope the wedding was a lot of fun.

7:21 AM  

That dress looks great on you, Carmel. I almost never wear red myself - males just can't seem to pull it off as well.

7:51 AM  

It must be getting so cold! My bird bath has cracked and broken in 2 bits. Not good!

I wonder some times if anyone got offended. Glad you like it!

Photo E,
Thank you! I'm glad you like it.

You also have a good day, it's nice to get your nice messages.

Same goes for you, as I said to Deepak, it's really nice to get your nice messages, i'll have to come by your blogs and wish you guys a nice day too!

You have really got my ego going here. Just kidding, thank you very much!! We had a great time at the wedding and I ate like a pig.

Thanks, maybe for Christmas men could get away with a red sweater as long as it had a green reindeer on it ;)
I do like red and recently had some professional fashion advice, I can wear 'some' reds.

2:54 PM  

ciao amica mia..che dici se ti intervisto un po'???
se accetti ho bisogno del tuo indirizzo mio รจ

fammi sapere.

..un abbraccio


4:49 PM  

The cartoon is funny. :) And weddings of one's friends definitely are special.

5:38 PM  

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