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Friday, December 08, 2006

It feels like there is no time.

So here I am, slowly moving out of my house and I haven't even booked flight tickets out of the country. I'm planning on leaving in february (only 2 months away) but don't have anything concrete yet to work toward. We've hardly got anything booked for the wedding either and it's supposed to be in march. I know weddings normally take about 6 months to prepare, and all I have is 3 months. The Church is sort of booked, the venue isn't booked, no music, photographer, cake, cars and all that. Do you really think that's enough time? I'm focusing on the sacrament of marriage and what it means, but I can't help getting such panicky feelings about whether there will be enough time. I wonder if i'm just thinking about it too much. I have that little girls dream of this being a perfect day. Am I being silly by being a little nervous?
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aw hon, relax and take a deep breath. All these feelings are totally NORMAL. Wedding jitters! Everything will be fine nomatter what happens! I'm sooo EXCITED for you. U will let me know when U get here, won't u???
: )

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This is why we basically eloped. We saw the wedding as being for everyone else, and all either of us wanted was to be together. So, no cars, no parties, none of that. We went to the church, exchanged vows, received the sacrament of the altar, drank some champagne with the pastor and office staff, then went and bought steaks and cooked at home. It was wonderful.

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In certain ways a wedding is for the bride and groom and everyone else. I couldn't imagine eloping. Our wedding was our gift to ourselves and everyone else who loved and invested so much in us. However, at the same time we were able to keep it simple and we were very clear on what we wanted and would not have in a wedding. It was good. 23 years later it still is.

Peace to you.

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Don't worry, God will provide. Whatever the outcome, you will have a beautiful wedding.

8:35 PM  

Of course i'll tell you, i'm curious as to how far we'll live from each other.

That sounds like a great wedding too, thanks for sharing it. I love celebrating at home too, not to mention champagne.

I like the way you mention the wedding being a gift to yourselves and everyone, it puts a lot into perspective thanks.

Thank you, and you are right, i'm going to just do what I can and trust that God will provide. As long as we have the priest show up all should be fine :)

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Keeping things as simple as possible was a big help to us. But although it was quite simple, there were still a lot of nerves - for me - beforehand. No amount of planning will change that I don't think.

The day itself though, was as peaceful and joyous and solemn as could be (from my perspective, anyway!)

Yes, you will be fine and yes, the exchange of vows and the Mass (are you having a Nuptial Mass?) are the most important things. Everything else is pretty minor really.

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Hey Carmel sweetie,

It's okay, don't stress. Honestly, the Sacrament is the most important thing so being prepared for that is what really counts, and the graces that flow from that are what will give you a happy marriage.

I think 3 months is definitly enough time to organise all the rest of the superficiality for a wedding.

I would recommend making sure you book the Church & reception venue as soon as you can, because they are 2 pretty big things, and then the smaller things will fall into place.

Pray about it and God will help with the rest.
Don't forget how Mary helped at the wedding feast at Cana to make sure they didn't run out of wine!
She cares about your wedding day and all the organisational bits that go with it!

Maybe just ask Jonathan to book the nearest florist/cake-maker in the area, and then when you get there you can help choose the exact type of cake/flowers.
and the car only takes a phone call!

The organisation is all a bit stressful, but you have the dresses sorted, which is definitly a big bonus!

I will say a prayer for you!


God Bless!!

10:34 AM  

Thank you! Those are important and i'm feeling a lot better about the preparations. A lot of our family are not Catholic so our priest has suggested getting married before the mass.

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement.
Yeah the dresses are sorted and those normally take the longest. Jonathan and his family are going to be huge helps for things that I can't do here, so having them is something I appreciate greatly.
Thanks also for the reminder about Mary.

2:59 PM  

Dear Carmel,
I don't have the experience that others have with getting ready to get married, but I've often been there to help with preparations for friends and family.
I don't have lots of practical advice, but I can tell you that everything falls into place beautifully, every time, no matter how much time there was to prepare. Remember that constantly, and you'll see that all the preparations will go smoothly.

And I'll be praying for both of you!!!

5:10 PM  

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