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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

How many children died?

I found this button from here and thought it was a good way to show the reality at hand when it comes to abortions. I'll add it to my side bar when I do get the chance. You can just click on it to get to the site where it was created.
The argument of abortion is always that the unborn child is not a child, but if it's a life then of course it's a child, "life" is when you are alive, so if you are alive, you are indeed a being.
It's the same as stem cell research, it 'might' and I stress the 'might' save one life, but to save that life you must destroy the other life first, how is that right?
posted by Grace B at 2:50 AM


Hi Carmel!
I think even 1 child died is a big problem. Abortion is a disgrace of man.
Blessings to you!

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7:58 AM  

Thank you for that, Carmel. Its up on my side bar.

4:21 AM  

I have really mixed feelings about the abortion debate but yours is a good and thoughtful argument. It made me think of Psalm 139 - 'you knit me together in my mother's womb'...

9:28 AM  

Now there's a perspective on
reality that America doesn't want to face up to.

We spend billions trying to save babies with life threatening diseases, incapacity & disabilities
and millions killing healthy babies

All good news for the medical profession.

We spend billions bombing a country to pieces and millions supporting the red cross to bandage the injured & maimed

All good news for the medical profession

Makes me wonder sometimes
Makes me wonder some days
Whether we've really lost our way

If we didn't bomb countries to pieces, there'd be less injured and maimed
Maybe if we aborted less healthy babies, less sick babies would be born. Nature & Physics has its own peculiar way of addressing or balancing things. It is Nature's Way.

6:51 PM  

that's kinda of a rude way to ignore the fact about children who died in Iraq because of the war. What about them?

8:15 PM  

Hi Krystyna,
Same here, that's true.

Indeed it is, some don't see it that way though.

You are welcome, I thought it was a good eye opener to abortion.

It's certainly a debate that will go on i'm sure. That's a nice scripture.

Yes how true, that's really the bigger picture.

You think that this is rude? It's mainly focussing on abortion in America, abortion happens here is Australia and all over the world, but this focuses on America on it's own.
The babies and children (and adults) who have died in Iraq because of the war are just as important as any child in the world.
I don't think that this is ignoring that, but talking about abortion and why it is wrong.

9:55 PM  

Very sobering Carmel. Thanks for the reminder. It's a nice twist on the Iraqi war death toll -- so many, many more because of abortion.

Easy to forget.

10:43 AM  

You're welcome Dan

7:32 PM  

Nabeel, you could argue the same in reverse; that it's rude to totally overlook the millions of babies that are killed on American soil, while lamenting the children killed in the war.

The truth is, as Carmel said, that it is appalling that any of these children have died.

The fact of the matter is that many westerners don't think about the children we kill off in our own countries.

12:22 AM  

nabeel, any child dying is a tragedy, in Iraq or America. But our armed forces are not intentionally killing children in Iraq. The only people we intentionally target are those who are trying to kill US and other innocent people. In fact, we have made Iraq a better place for Iraqi children! At home, however, the people who cry the loudest about the war also promote the intentional, unprovoked murder of innocent babies, and would be all too glad to export that tragedy to Iraq.

2:40 PM  

Great post Carmel.

"But I feel the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is a direct war, a direct killing, direct murder by the mother herself."

"Mother Teresa once said "the fruit of abortion is nuclear war."

- Mother Teresa

7:20 PM  

Wonderful post, Carmel, and I totally agree! Any lost life is a tragedy. And abortion is one of the greatest tragedies today!

1:19 PM  

stem cell research and abortion are two different things .. are you sure you are talking about abortion?

And seriously you think that if a child dies (let's say 10 years old) in Iraq is the same as the debate over stem cells? You are not killing a CHILD in stem cell research .. with all due respect get your facts straight. Now I am not saying anything about the stem cells .. but they are not babies (like the living kids out there) that are being killed .. there's a difference.

There is a strict strict criteria for Abortion .. in Islam. One can abort ONLY if before the first 4 months. And only if there's a threat to the Woman's life .. if you are extremely poor and think the child might die of starvation and if there are no one (relatives, agencies) who might be able to take care of the child.

3:02 PM  

Nabeel I know that stem cell research is different, I was addressing both.
Yes I know that i'm sure of what i'm talking about, if you read it carefully you will see.
Why are you sounding angry about this Nabeel? I did not say that a child in Iraq is less important than anyone else, you need to get your facts straight and understand what i'm writing before accusing me of not knowing what i'm writing of.
I dislike abortion and stem cell research in every country, that's my opinion and it's my blog where I can express that.

4:14 PM  

ANother thing Nabeel, to create a stem cell you must create a life, so yes you are killing one life to attempt to save another, read about it.

4:19 PM  

also, i'm not going against Islam or anything in my post, it's great that Islam has it's ways for abortion. This post has nothing to do with Islam.

4:23 PM  

Hi there

I totally agree with you saying if there is a life,the there is a being.Provded the blood is circulating in ones veins,then the life is there.Abortion is a horrible thing to do.Never ever can be justified.Not only does it kill a being,it also destroys the mother psychologically.At least some of them.

8:27 AM  

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