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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Busy times.

The first month of the year has certainly come in as a busy one, there is so much to do it's not funny! The busiest season of work starts next week, and I already need to take a few days off to go pick up some wedding related things. Lucky for me I can take my own hours since I indeed am one of the owners, my mother is my boss so of course she is nice to me.
Did anyone notice my wedding count down ticker on my blog? You better because I want you all to see it!! You know, since I put it in the middle and at the top and all.
Argent gave me the idea, so thanks. Although it took me forever to work out how it can be viewed on a dark background such as mine. The "love birds" meet at the end, how sweet?? I'm being a little corny here I think, so I'll stop.
Today I found the most beautiful wedding invitations that I've ever seen, they can be made in a week so they'll be out soon. I'll take a photo when I have them at home and all printed, I'll hide the address though of course this is the internet!!
Jonathan and I are going to start a novena to St.Joseph for the plans and other things, so I'm confident all will go well and fall together nicely. I love the fact that we are getting married in the start of spring, it has that "new life" feel about it. If I had a choice of another season I'd pick winter bc I love the snow and the winter colors, even though I do almost die when I feel those Ohio winters, here I am a small person from such a hot and dry climate, going to live in a place where the seasons are opposite!! I am seriously in need of eskimo clothes!!
I remember wearing winter tights under my jeans on a cold day, I've never done that. I also wore 2 pairs of socks, another first. I'm not complaining though, really, the homes are warm, I had never seen heating ducts in a bathroom til I visited.
So it's almost time for me to leave the country, about one month and a bit to go, it's an amazing feeling. I am in one way sad to leave my family over here, but excited about the new things to come and spending more time with my new family over there. I'll see my Australian family a lot because we are close so it's going to work out beautifully, I'm very lucky.
So yes, the new year has started super busy.

Just adding a short note of thank you to all my readers who have sent me such beautiful well wishes and prayers for the new year and who have been waiting patiently to be hearing about me and Jonathan.
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May God shower all his blessings upon You & Jonathan.
Marriage greetings in advance.

3:52 AM  

I DID notice your pretty count down! How exciting you're down to the wire. Good luck with the rest of the wedding planning!

5:19 AM  

Yay! I love the countdown clock. Stay well, Carmel. Maybe we'll even join you in the novena. Tell us when you start.

11:16 AM  

Good luck with your plans. The count down ticker is a really cute idea.

11:24 AM  

Ohh... I didn't realize you were getting married (I'm a pretty new reader to your blog, so forgive me for that!) I'm SO happy for you and I know that you and your sweetie will be forever happy! Planning a wedding is so much fun!

2:11 PM  

driving in the snow is also fun :P

just remember the houses are so warm because people crank the heat up, and thus have to pay for the heat.

I have conditioned my wife to tolerate sub-68 degree temperatures in my house. makes the heat bills more tolerable.

5:28 PM  

Thank you lots deepak!

thanks, everything is coming together nicely so far!

Thank you, that is very special, we start the novena tonight (thursday) it's lovely to think that someone else can join us!

I like the idea too, it's sweet, i've seen them around here and there. Thanks for your good wishes.

Well thank you! You wouldn't have known because I haven't posted about it too much, but now that the plans are consuming my days I can't help it!

My fiance was training me on our last visit too, I wore the 2 pairs of socks in his house and am investing in ugh boots, I don't care what I look like, my feet get cold. :D

6:31 PM  

Hi Carmel!
I'm very happy that you are happy! This is your wonderful spiritual love time. May God bless you and Jonathan!
The countdown clock is great. Really good idea.
Good luck during this busy times!

6:44 PM  

Carmel, Can't miss it
The wedding count down I mean

Glad you are having fun
Shopping, busy shopping - lol!

10:55 AM  

actually you know what really helps ward off the cold at night...a silk comforter.

We bought a full sized for like $100 or so, maybe a little more. the thing was so warm that we would turn the heat down to 56 at night, and sometimes it was still too warm.

if you get one, make sure you get the really thick one. i believe they mostly come from China, but you can find a lot of importers.

maybe on your way to the states you can stop by and pick one up :)

5:14 PM  

Marriage greatings!

6:28 AM  

Super duper gratz on your imminent wedding Carmel!

Also, I laughed a little when you said "Ohio Winters" Try being Canadian!! Haha just kidding. I'm sure it's very cold there :D

Happy New Years! All the best to you and Jonathan in 2007 =^-^=

3:57 PM  

THank you! Those are some special words :)

A woman can't complain that there is too much shopping to do!

Thanks for that great advice, i'll take all the keeping warm advice I can get!


Thanks for the nice congrats. i've toughed out some of Canada too brrrr!

12:35 AM  

I did notice the wedding counter, and I must say, you're handling the countdown better than most people I know.

Here's hoping it continues to go smoothly for the next few months.

8:09 AM  

thanx carmel, what do u like to do in 2007?

7:53 PM  

Carmel, congratulations on your upcoming marriage! And I really like your countdown clock. And just remember, cold is beautiful, too, when one can see it in the frosty meadows and windows and on snowy hillsides.

2:47 PM  

Wow, the day of the day is finally arriving! Unbelievable how quick time goes by in the end. I wish you all the best Carmel, you never know, USA is closer to Germany than Australia ;)
Lots ov love xx

12:00 AM  

Wow! I had no idea you were getting married! Congratulations my sweet friend! And in just two months.

Awesome! Try not to get too overwhelmed by last-minute preparations and such. My wife and I got really nervous about it all and got into a spat the night before our wedding! :) But all was well after that.

Taking things too seriously stinks! Hugs and kisses and heaps of congratulations!

5:37 AM  


4:14 AM  

Hi Carmel!
I wish you good luck!!!
Blessings to you!

5:08 AM  

It's less than 2 months away It'll be here before you know it.

I think you should practice your kneeling and standing while wearing your dress. Just make sure you don't lock you knees when standing. You just might pass out!

9:09 AM  

..un forte e caro abbraccio.

tutto bene piccola??


11:27 PM  

Hi, Carmel. You've not posted in awhile. Just know that I'm thinking about you and Jonathan. Hope he didn't freeze last night.

1:19 PM  

So, what happens in the countdown ticker when the birds meet up? Will they zoom away in a car with cans rattling behind it? No... they're birds. Birds can't drive. What was I thinking?

But! What if they were chauffeured? Yes! The birdies get a limo! Right? That's what happens right? Gosh, I'm so smart.

5:36 PM  

Awesome, Jonathan is one lucky fella eh?

I hear it's pretty hot right now down under. We have snow and ice lovely

8:54 PM  

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