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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas day

I hope everyone had a great time on Christmas day. I'm still recovering from the food and late night we had on Christmas eve after the mass.
The mass was beautiful, I always get a tear in my eye while singing the carols at the beginning, seeing the manger scene near the altar with the baby Jesus, and then looking up to the top of the altar at the grown man dying on the cross.
My mother was up at 6am cooking and my daughter was up at 6.30am opening presents, I could hear paper being torn, while I was in bed. Then more paper being torn by my cousin who was sleeping on the couch (my 2 cousins were locked out of their home accidentally so they slept over). My sister came over wanting to open her gifts from her boyfriend, she was diving into them, she is really loud too. So up I got by 7.15am.
The food!! There was so much food!! Everyone ate! Then some fell asleep, woke up and it was time to eat again.
It was not a hot Christmas this year, yay!! It was a windy and cool one so maybe I'll be better prepared for my next Christmas in Ohio.
It was a fantastic day, I loved every moment of it, even if some of the family fell asleep after lunch.
I definitely missed Jonathan more than ever, but we'll be together in a couple of months and can prepare for Easter. I have to be in ohio by at "least" the end of february 07, so it's all coming up so very soon, after a long wait of course.
I've posted a picture of the left over cookies for all my readers, take one! But don't take the one with the fly sitting on it, unless you have a pet frog. I didn't know there was a fly there til after I took the photo, maybe it was wanting some Christmas festive food too.

Below is a photo of the manger scene that my parish had, it is bigger than it looks.
posted by Grace B at 5:41 PM


At first, I thought you said you passed by the manAger scene...I said to myself, what the heck is a manAger scene.

I don't think a cool windy summer day in AU will really prepare you for a christmas in Ohio. Maybe Southern florida... :)

7:30 PM  

Hi Carmel:):)
excellent description,I could feel the joy of Christmas through those words.
good day:):)

10:39 PM  


10:41 PM  

I'm happy to hear that you had a wonderful Christmas!! It certainly sounds like it was a lot of fun!

Don't worry - February will be here in the blink of an eye!

God Bless!!


2:36 AM  

..forse sono in ritardo per gli auguri di accidenti non riuscivo più a trovare il tuo indirizzo di come vedi sono testarda e finalmente eccomi qui..quindi da qui ora ti auguro un felice natale che continui per sempre nella tua vita..e volevo dirti..sei pronta per essere intervistata da me?? perchè fra poco ti spedirò le domandine..ciao bella gioia..un abbraccio fortissimo fortissimo che valichi l'oceano e arrivi da te.

10:08 AM  

ah senti piccola cara..mi puoi spedire il tuo indirizzo email..altrimenti come faccio ad intervistarti??
scrivimi a questo indirizzo

a presto


10:10 AM  

The Mass sounds beautiful! The most special moments of Christmas to me are the spiritual celebrations!
Yummy, I want a cookie (but not the one with the fly on it--lol!). I'll take one with chocolate, please?
So glad you had a wonderful Christmas!

1:16 PM  

very nice christmas dinner and bisquits

1:46 PM  

Sounds like you had an excellent Christmas. Wishing you a wonderful New Year!

4:59 PM  

Glad you had a good Christmas. Hope you have a wonderful new year!

7:27 AM  

That nativity scene is gorgeous. I hope you've recovered from all that sugar intake!

12:45 PM  

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. And by the way---the fly on the cookie made me laugh outloud!

1:03 PM  

Hi Carmel,
glad you are having a great Zmas with family and friends.
Here's wishing you lots of cheer
for the very soon incoming New Year

9:57 AM  

Everyone ate! Then some fell asleep, woke up and it was time to eat again.

Sounds like they've achieved nirvana ... or enlightenment ... or something.

5:29 PM  

..un mondo di abbracci pieni di auguri.


10:41 PM  

Oh yum, those cookies look sooo good. Especially the red one. How decorative.

How can U sleep thru anyone opening Christmas gifts? I didn't even get 2 sleep Christmas Eve. After wrapping and putting all the gifts under the tree, filling stockings-- Augh! It never ends!
... I decided to make an apple cobbler, but before I was done cleaning up after myself---my kids were on their way down the stairs! It was 4:30 a.m.!!! The must be crazy! They wanted to wake everyone up and open gifts----I made them watch a movie first, so it was atleast 6 a.m. when they opened gifts! Now, I feel as though I could sleep a whole week! 2 make it thru New Years Eve!

Keep in touch with me thru e-mail, and hurry, get 2 the states...

luv star
' ]

10:54 AM  

Happy new year 2007
buon anno aeekd

3:51 PM  

Hi Carmel, best wishes for the final moments of this year, and much merriment, great joy and great cheer to see in the incoming Year

4:08 PM  

Hi Carmel, Thanks!
So you'll be seeing in the New Year
with much happiness joy & great cheer
a little sooneer than it reaches here

5:22 PM  

I'm glad u know you had good
time on Chritsmas :)
I could feel the joy through
your post.

Stay Beautiful...!!

6:19 PM  

HAPPY NEW YEAR to u & family.

10:11 PM  

Thank you everyone!

10:55 PM  

thanks for the cookies!!
have a very very happy new year dear
all the best from Mousie

3:09 PM  

I'm glad you had a nice Christmas Carmel! I was also woken up before 8 a.m. because my little sister came charging in my room, yelling, "I CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE!!! LET'S OPEN THE PRESENTS!!!" What a shock to wake up to!
And the gym will definitely get some visits soon! ; )

11:32 AM  

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