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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My new dvd!

I recently bought the New York City ballet workout dvd and I can't wait to start it. Has anyone tried this one? It's just the change I need from the same old. I hope to be leaping like a ballet professional (one can only dream).

If you have tried it, I would love to know what your opinions are.
posted by Grace B at 1:15 AM


Hopeyou have started learning .
I know that you are busy ,when you get time pls watch my new uploading
pls watch it,my documentary

2:01 AM  

ciao piccola cara..volevo dirti che il mio blog è ho aperto un nuovo blog sul mio sito..ti lascio l'indirizzo..mi farà piacere se verrai a trovarmi..

un bacio


2:29 AM  

A ballet workout video??? I have never heard that one before. It's not my cup of tea but it sounds interesting.

8:33 AM  

The last time I did ballet I was about 6 years I can't comment on it!
Judgeing from the slimness of ballet dancers however, I would say that it is probably a pretty good work-out!

only ONE month, ONE week, ONE day to go.....woohoooo!!

lots & lotsa love

10:12 AM  

Hey carmel, it is good one.

pls watch this edited movie.......

8:07 PM  

Deeps! I'll watch it, thanks for letting me know, maybe you'll make a huge box office movie some day.

Grazie per mi fare sapere, ti trovo e visito presto nel tuo nuovo blog.

So Art, we won't be seeing you dancing in tights any time soon?

You would have made a very cute 6yo ballet dancer.
The wedding is soon, really soon, I only have just over 2 weeks left in australia. Thanks :)

I'll watch it and it will be my pleasure to do so.

2:23 AM  

Hi Carmel, no I haven't tried this workout but the pose on the left is a yoga pose I do. I've been doing yoga for five years and have gotten quite good at it. I love it. I take three classes a week and do it at home when I get the chance.

If this ballet workout is similar, it will do wonders for you. :)

7:18 AM  

ha I can just see myself trying to leep gracefully!!

9:16 AM  

LOL. Sure you will, Carmel. I'll have a YouTube video up any day now :)

10:37 AM  

I have not seen this before, but it sounds like a really FUN way to work out! Let us know how you like it!

12:42 PM  

Tried what watching a DVD
or leaping like a ballet dancer
not one and the same thing - lol!

Gotta get in shape for that wedding night & honeymoon rite

12:38 PM  

I haven't personally tried it, but I know that ballet people are in excellent shape, so enjoy.

7:50 AM  

I do not know what that woman is doing, but it looks painful.

7:13 PM  

I stick to sweatin' to the oldies! haha

Thanks for the email

9:12 PM  

Only I month & six days left
till the big event.
Looks like Valentine's Day could carry thru to the honeymoon and on and on.
Hope your Sunday is as gorgeous as ours. Frosty white on the ground, and bright golden yellow Sun in pale icy blue sky

1:39 AM  

I wonder why the word 'City' is highlighted (highlit?) in red?

9:25 PM  

I finally tried it, the moves are great to help with flexibility, i'm sure yoga is simmilar, I haven't tried yoga yet.

Thats just how I think of myself, I have tried the graceful moves and almost lost my balance!

I thought you would, be sure to do it!

It has been fun actually and also something new and different.

What oldies? to the old ladies or to the oldies music? lol

You are right on the mark there!

Infinigeist (as if I don't know your name)
I don't know why they'd do that, maybe they want to be absolutely sure we know which company put this out! Who knows, maybe there is a new york state ballet company.

3:40 PM  

Wow, just 2weeks left here??? man!! the ball is really rolling for you, carmel! Praise God.

Hey, good luck with that work out video haha. I wouldnt even attempt!!

5:27 PM  

Thank you for watching my docu
Good day

9:57 PM  

Hi, Carmel.

I do this workout. It's great for your back and it makes you stand up straighter. The movements are slow and the workout teaches you to balance and control your muscles. You do end up sweating a lot even though you're not jumping up and down in the normal workout. I think it's because you're using more of your muscles.

Good luck with it. Be kind to yourself and don't get too frustrated at the beginning.

8:26 AM  

Wow. Just looking at the cover makes me admire you for trying! :)

6:26 PM  

Hi Carmel!
Hope you are doing well and happy!

10:49 AM  

Um, nope. That's one I haven't tried.

11:49 AM  

Wow that joke was bad since you didn't know what I was talking about haha!! :)

Richard Simmons did sweatin' to the oldies which is basically aerobics to oldies music. It's actually not bad

9:40 PM  

Jess, thanks, not long to go now!
You're welcome!
I can't believe you do it too! You are right about the flexibility, it's been really good.
There are no moves like that one on the front cover in there, thank goodness!
Thank you so much!
No ballet work out before? so do you own a pair of tights?
Oh I know richard simmonds, my friend works out to his video I heard he is really good.

3:23 AM  

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