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Friday, February 09, 2007

I missed it

So not only am I late for the blogs 4 life conference but I missed it, I am in Australia so even if I knew about it, I couldn't be there. I do however support it!
And I just noticed that
faithmouse took the time to also make a cartoon for me! How lovely! Sure i'm almost a month late in noticing but it's really nice to know someone took that time. It's also nice to know that people care enough about life to all rally at the conference, I would have loved to have been there to show my support. Thanks faithmouse!

Here is the one made for me!

posted by Grace B at 4:09 AM


Hi Carmel!
Hope you have happy time!

This cartoon is REALLY LOVELY!!

11:17 AM  

Hi Carmel my friend!!!!!!

I miss you :o)

Healt and happyness

11:26 AM  

One Month, One Day to Go.
Getting closer, any butterflies yet?

11:29 AM  

Thank you, and yes it is a nice gift, everyone who is part of blogs 4 life has one.

Mauricio my other friend!
I have neglected the blogs, I will visit you. Thank you and same to you.

No butterflies yet! It's getting very close indeed.

2:25 PM  

aw! That's a pretty cute baby angel!!

1:27 AM  

Thanks for info, Carmel!
Good luck!

3:20 AM  

O you're from Aus! I was wondering what you meant about "slowly settling into the US"...

This is a very readable blog you've got here. I'm glad I found it. Found you via Dan's by the way ...

You must come see my blog btw; it's at gledwood2.blogspot. It's very different, my secret diary blog. So go there if you want to read all someone else's secrets!! & I update daily (OK at NEARLY daily) even if it kills me. You're welcome to drop by. All the best 2u from


4:18 AM  

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