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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Settling In.

So I've been slowly settling into the US, it's a slow thing because there is so much else to do. But I'm taking in the weather and trying to tough out the cold and and thaw out a little. The snow and all is so pretty but that annoying part of it all are the slippery side walks.
Things with the wedding are coming along nicely now, there are still some small details to go, it's hard to believe that there is only a week and a bit left. My family are arriving from Australia next week too, it's pretty exciting, I can't wait to see my mum, I guess I should spell that "mom" now. I can't wait!!!
I have had 2 bridal showers since i've been here, those are so much fun, i'm lucky to have found such welcoming people, every little bit helps.
I don't know what the weather will be like on our wedding day but i'm sure that i'll be freezing in my dress.
They are predicting rain today and lots of it, I can't wait for some sun!! That's all I can update on right now, but i'll be back!!
posted by Grace B at 4:55 AM


I hope you enjoy the US. Good luck with all your wedding planning!

10:02 AM  

Congratulations on making it to the US and beginning to settle in. I'm glad you found some wonderful people to support you in this settling in. :)

You might also want to know that my girlfriend and I became engaged on Valentine's Day and are planning a September wedding.

6:34 PM  

Good luck there.
If I had money I would have taken a flight and come down to US to attend your wedding ceremony.
Pls post some photos of the ceremony
good day :):)

11:22 PM  

Nutz, thank you, so far it's good, although overwhelming as you would expect but it's all going well for now.

Tim, Congratulations! For some reason I thought you were already married with children and all! That is great news, thank you for sharing it with me. I wish you all the best for your future.

It's ok, you live far away, but you would be a wonderful wedding guest, maybe when you get married, I will come to yours!

5:00 AM  

Dear Carmel,
You made it to our Northern hemisphere! Welcome!
Thank you for your comment on my blog. Yes, I have been so busy! But then, you have been busier! I have been checking out your blog on and off, even if I didn't have time to answer.

I'm so excited for you!!! Only 1 week left to your wedding!

Today we have a HUGE snowstorm! At least rain helps thaw out what is left of winter. Your wedding will be the beginning of warmth.

May you and Jon be blessed richly by the Lord! I'm thinking of you...

7:29 AM  

Wow, I can't believe your wedding is a week away! That's so great!! Hope things warm up here for you soon. It was perfectly gorgeous here in PA today.

8:02 PM  

Wow Carmel,
glad I caught you in time
Just to wish you a grand day on your wedding day!

2:45 PM  

I'm glad you made it to the States, and hopefully you'll get bettter weather - soon.

If you were in Austin it's about 65 and sunny today, but that probably doesn't help you too much. Here's to a break in the pattern.

3:23 PM  

The big day draws near, eh? Good luck!

1:11 AM  

Wow, 5 days left. Amazing how time flies. God bless.

1:28 PM  

Glad you're enjoying the states!! It's suppose to be 52 here Sunday woohoo, so I am sure we will warm up soon. I hope you have a nice sunny day for your wedding day

9:06 PM  

Hi Carmel!
I am happy because you are happy. My prayers are always with you!
Take good care!
Best wishes!

10:54 AM  

oh my gosh!!! only three more days left!!! good luck and best wishes!

5:17 AM  

Welcome to the U.S.! Yes, it's been cold over here in the East for a couple of weeks now.

You must be very excited!

6:38 AM  

Hi Winterrr
turning to spring
the big day on a wing
time to dance & sing

3:32 PM  

I send a gift for you. Take it from my comment section: (this blog)
Good luck!

6:28 PM  

This is it! One more day to go! Yipee! Too bad we couldn't get a live satellite feed. :(
Jonathan's one lucky guy fo sho! Gratz to you both on bringing it all together!!

6:14 PM  

God Bless You Both!

2:11 AM  


You got married today!!!!!!!!


I'm thinking of you!

lotsa love & prayers


10:54 AM  

Just stopping by to say hope your big day went awesome!! :) CONGRATS!! Too many years of happiness

10:48 AM  

congratulations and good luck for ur wedding day...nice blog

8:10 PM  

Wishing you happy married life :)

10:29 PM  

Congratulations to you both!

5:09 AM  

Blessings on your newly married life!

8:29 AM  

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