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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Time for some party!

Well, it was time for some sort of goodbye gathering, so we had a party tonight. Here is a picture of my daughter, mum , cousins wife and me. It was a fun night, hopefully i'll have more photos at a later time, right now I want to get to my bed and sleep it all off. Click the image for a huge view of our faces!

hmmm, could we be as friendly as we look?
posted by Grace B at 4:52 AM


That's a wonderful photo of your family! Thanks for sharing Carmel. I hope all is well with the wedding planning.

8:22 AM  

Wow...your daughter looks just like you! Thanks for sharing this.

(fortunately, our kids look like their mom, too)

8:25 AM  

You are all so beautiful! By concidence, my current post has a photo of me and my mom taken just yesterday. Moms rock!

10:33 AM  

Thank you, I liked the picture too. All is well with the wedding plans, well as well as can be expected.

You are welcome, i'm told she looks like me but I do have to say that she is almost taller than me at her almost 11 years of age.

Thank you, I sure like the compliment. Anytime I need some uplifting and an ego boost, i'm going to come see you.
You have a pic of your mother? I want to see that.
Thanks again my friend.

1:51 AM  

Hi! Thanks for sharing! It's a pretty picture!
Your daughter looks just like you and your mum looks lovely!! and you look super gorgeous!

You must be getting pretty excited now! Less than a month to go till you are Mrs. Jonathan!!


God Bless

2:06 AM  

Your daughter has strong resemblance to you
Nice photo :):)

10:38 PM  

ciao bella ragazza!!..njara

11:10 PM  

I have no doubt you're as friendly as you look!!

Great picture :)

1:02 PM  

Hi Carmel!
Thanks for sharing! Sooo beautiful!!
Best wishes!

3:27 PM  

ps- I put a congratulations note for you on my blog!

1:15 PM  

Wonderful photo, Carmel. Your daughter does look like you - so does your mom.

Genetics is like that sometimes - my mother and her family like to say that I am the spitting image of my maternal grandfather - who died almost 20 years before my birth.

7:45 PM  

"There is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved".

Happpy Valentine's Day!

4:13 AM  

That's great that everyone looks pretty happy & as for the previous blog, those flowers look great too.

1:09 PM  

didnt know u had a kid!!! [;

gorgeous pic of ya, btw

1:12 PM  

What a lovely picture! The day is coming!

6:43 AM  

Nice pic. Yes, your daughter looks like you. Our 11 year old is almost as tall as her mom too:)

9:25 AM  

Wonderfull family!!!

Nice :o)

Take care Carmel :o)

9:43 AM  

I love the woman in the background haha. Shes like "omg, dont take my picture"

12:39 AM  

You are all so beautiful! compliments from an old man

2:44 PM  


6:22 AM  

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