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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Im here

I did make it to the USA safely! Thanks for your prayers and well wishes. Right now i'm putting together the last of the wedding details and i'll be sure to update on everything by next week and i'll get around to reading some more of my favorite blogs.
See you soon!


posted by Grace B at 9:39 AM


may the saints watch o'er u.

got butterflies yet!!?

4:39 PM  

oh my gosh, aren't you nervous? Two weeks?!?!

4:55 AM  

Hey Carmel, wow, time flew by, great to read that you are safely in the USA now. Saw the pic of you your Mum and Brianna, wow! Its been a long time, about 4 years nearly. It is really sad I cant see you on your wedding, would have been agreat chance to see you all again. Anyway, best of luck for all the last preparations!!

2:18 AM  

Carmel, Im so glad that you made it safely. Beautiful pic of your family =) You look gorgeous!! And so does your darling daughter...

Not long to go now!! =)

My prayers are with you!!!


3:03 AM  

That's great, Carmel!! Congrats and prayers for your upcoming nuptials!

5:55 AM  

Prayers for you and Jonathan. Hope you're thawing out up there.

8:36 AM  

So that's where you were
Spring is blooming here
but must be harvest where you are

'house wine' bottled from the vine on the wedding day sure make all things go fine

3:10 PM  

Welcome, Carmel! In case you don't get to post before the wedding, good luck and God bless!

2:23 PM  

Be careful in the US! I hear everyone has like, 9 guns! :P

I'm excited for you! Less than 2 weeks to go :D Whee!

7:13 PM  

now that you are on the other side of the equator, you will have to get used to possibly getting snow in the summer...

8:14 PM  

ho appena aperto una comunità in msn legata al mio comunità si chiama L'ALBERO DEI FAGIOLI..ti va di iscriverti per stare tutti insieme??

iscriversi è facile..basta andare su questa pagina

e cliccare sulla dicitura L'ALBERO DEI FAGIOLI..ti comparirà una finestrella in cui ti spiega le modalità per iscriverti..quindi ti verrà inviata una email per accedere alla comunità ti va di farne parte a me farà molto piacere..

un abbraccio


2:25 AM  

I will defenitely come & meet you when i come to Holly wood :):)
god bless you

3:45 AM  

black bran,
Thank you! May they watch over you too.
No butterflies yet.

Hey there! No i'm not nervous, I don't know why i'm not, but i'm not!

Thanks, it really has been a long time, too long, I hope we see each other again some time!
I hope everything is going well over there.

Thanks for your prayers. I'm glad you like the picture too. Talk soon.

Thank you so very much for your prayers, they are very much appreciated.

I'm not thawing yet, still frozen at this time lol. Thank you for your prayers, we need them and appreciate them greatly.

Yes it is the harvest back in Australia, warm weather and all that. Here though, it's freezing! But spring is on the way.

Hey Thomas,
Thank you so much, not long to go now.

Our home in the US has 2 guns right now so I'll shoot back :)
Yeah less than 2 weeks! Thanks.

I wonder if i'll ever get used to that!

grazie Najara,
quando ho tempo vengo visitari.

I'll hold you to your word! So you better just do that!

7:20 AM  

Te felicito!!!!!!!

Felicidade en tu vida

6:51 AM  

Great, you're here! And just over a week until the big day. Good Luck!

8:52 AM  

Ahh so you're officially my and nutz's neighbor now? In OH? At least it has warmed up, hopefully you didn't have to fly thru the ice storm

12:00 PM  

1 week and 2 days yet - DON'T FORGET Carmel!

4:31 AM  


Thank you, im slowly settling in.

yes we are neighbours, I know we are because your weather is so simmilar to ours lol.
Flying was ok this time thank goodness.

I certainly hope that I don't forget! lol.

5:10 AM  


2:29 PM  

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