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Friday, March 23, 2007

more photos

I thought it would be nice to share some photos,

Below is a beautiful fish from the aquarium we visited in Charleston SC

Below, isn't this a cutie?

The shore, I love the beach, we stayed in a hotel on the Isle of Palms SC

Spring is showing in Charleston SC!!

Below, me looking very drained at the rehearsal, the evening before our wedding, I had a very stressful day of trying to prepare for the next day.

Wedding photo!

My sister and daughter

Smiley wedding photo!

posted by Grace B at 6:12 AM


Manny happiness!!!!!!!

Health - Peace - Faith

8:24 AM  

awwwwww!!! How beautiful!!! You all look wonderful!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

I am so happy for you!! congratulations!!

God Bless

8:28 AM  

Hey Carmel! Congratulations!!!!
So happy for you. You look gorgeous.
Thanks for sharing your photos here. I can feel your happiness : ). I have followed your links to the two sites and I love them. I have bookmarked them. Carmel, I wish you happiness and may you have a chubby baby to come : P

8:34 AM  

awww what great pictures!! looks like you guys had a nice time

9:38 AM  


11:33 AM  

Thank you Carmel for sharing this magical moment in your life.
Peace, Happiness and Love!!!

11:48 AM  

Congrats on the wedding! Nice pics, too.

It looks like that turtle is trying to find a way out with his front ... hand?

-- david

1:46 PM  

Nice! Congrats again!

4:51 PM  

Congrats again, thanks for sharing the pictures so happy for you!!

What a lucky guy he is eh? ha :)

11:11 PM  

Great pics, love the fish & the wedding photo, and congrats again.

9:40 AM  

great shot
How beautiful!

2:32 PM  

Aww Carmel!
You two look so lovely together!

3 cheers for fishies!

12:37 PM  

Carmel, congratulations on your wedding! Blessed be the day that you and Jonathan were united in the Sacrament of Marriage. Thank you for sharing your photos. What a lovely couple you make. God bless you always!

8:56 PM  

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