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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Back to the north!

We are now back from our honeymoon. We went to Charleston South Carolina and I loved it! The weather was so warm, I wish it were that warm today, but it's somewhere in the 20's F here today, so it's quite different!
We began driving to Charelston SC on sunday, but stopped off for a night at a place called "Mount Airy" It's the home town of Andy Griffith from the Andy Griffith Show, and since Jonathan is such a fan, we thought it would be perfect and it was. I love the southern hospitality and the "laid back" feel of it all out there, I want to go back already!
I loved reading your congratulations and well wishes in my wedding post, i'll be back to reading blogs and updating now. I will also post more photos as I get them.
Jonathan Has posted some wedding and honeymoon photos too if you want to see them.

Also, another very good thing is that there is a new blog in the blogosphere by Fr.Hahn he is also the priest that married us and to my good findings, he has posted our wedding homily, which I think is just great, now Jonathan and I can reflect on it in the future.
See you soon!
posted by Grace B at 4:55 AM


Welcome back!! I hope that you post more photos from your wedding. Oh, and happy spring!

2:15 PM  

That's great! We have a Mt. Airy up here in MD, which, I'm assuming is not the same one, LOL!

Are you used to the States yet?

6:27 AM  

Sorry I missed the last post, but congratulations and that cake looks great (dress too of course. ha).

Sounds like a good honeymoon and I'm glad you got decent weather because the NE was snowed under from what I read.

6:59 AM  

Nice to know thatyou are back again :):).I missed the previous post .Thank you for posting the picture.
good day :)

2:17 AM  

Thank you! I will post more photos of the wedding for sure and yes I do hope it starts feeling like spring soon!
You do? I didn't know that there was another mount airy! Yeah it's not the same one but it's probably just as nice.
I'm getting used to the states, once I get to drive a car here i'll have to get used to that side of it, but so far so goo.

That cake was delicious, I only wish that I had eaten more. Yeah it was cold here when we left so it was nice to be down south

Thank you!

4:35 AM  

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