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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Boo hoo

I came across some old photos that I had put on Jonathans computer of my old pet kitty cat and I miss her!! I had to leave her with my friends who were kind enough to adopt her when I moved overseas. For memory sake, here are some pictures of my baby meow tiger...

Sleepy meow...

Time to wake up and feed the baby piglet!

now back to sleep....

posted by Grace B at 7:06 AM


so why couldn't you bring the cat to the States?

my sister had to temporarily banish her cat because she had a kid. my mom and other sister kept rambling on about how the cat will attack the kid, so he is with her in-laws.

i think moving without my cats or banishing them would be so sad :(

8:20 AM  

I have heard of people worrying about cats after having babies. There are a few reasons that made me decide to leave my cat with some good friends, one of the reasons was that right now, the house we are in (in the USA) is not ours, my husband had to rent until I got here and the lease lasts til june, they don't allow pets here, so I would have had to leave her anyway, knowing that she would be settled into her new environment I thought it would be nasty to get her out of another home and to get through quarrantine and then back to live with me. I probably confused you now lol.

8:50 AM  

Sorry about you having to leave your cat :(

Are you in the US for good now?

9:54 AM  

hey Carmel, i had lost you.....but now i know where you are!

10:18 AM  

What a sweet little kit! I'm sure she misses you as well. But I'm also sure she's getting plenty of love where she is right now.

3:00 PM  

Sorry, you couldn't bring her with. A pet that meant a lot to you is hard to leave behind.

4:09 PM  

I love cats!!! I would miss her!

5:18 AM  

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