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Friday, May 04, 2007


Nothing blogworthy is happening at the moment, but I do want to post a picture of the first raccoon I have seen ever! It came to our bird feeder and ate all the seeds!!!
It did climb on top of the feeder but I was too late to get a photo. You may think it's strange that I take such an interest, but I can't help it.

Jonathan posted a better photo here


posted by Grace B at 9:53 AM


I guess I take seeing raccoons for granted. They seem to be everywhere around here and can be quite the pest. I've known a few people who've kept them as pets... NOT recommended btw:)

2:52 PM  

haha...that is funny.

that reminds me of the time in college. my buddy franky was from south america and he never saw snow. so the first day it snowed he was amazed.

we asked him to join a snow ball fight. he had no idea how to pack a snowball. every time he would throw a snowball it will just break up into powder. then we hit him with our "working snowballs"

he soon learned how to make a snowball.

8:01 PM  

haha just don't try to pet it or feed it! :)

9:24 PM  

I heard that they can become pests. I Don't see any around here, except for this one of course.

I enjoyed snow too lol.

I would be terrified!

5:05 AM  

ha ha, there are plenty by me, many found dead along side of the road.

1:09 PM  

My aunt emigrated to France in the early 50's to become a Little Sister of the Poor. When she came back to the States for a visit in the '70's, she really wanted to take a picture of a cardinal, because they don't have them in France. For years afterwards, when I sent her Christmas cards, I always chose one with a cardinal on it.

6:34 AM  

Your raccoon will continue to visit as long as he can get up the feeder. If you want to save some seed for the birds try wrapping a long piece of metal sheeting around the base. You can find it at the hardware store. Basically it needs to be as seamless as possible so there are no grooves to hold onto. And it should go up the post higher then the coon is tall. Of course you could always replace the post with a PVC pipe, that might be easier and cheaper. Just wait for the squirrels. :)
They are cute but grade A pests when they want to be.
Hope you guys are having a warm week.

5:44 PM  

Thankfully he only eats the left overs, he arrives late in the afternoon and then at night to eat the scraps. He doesn't know that we watch him either (assuming it's a him).

4:56 AM  

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