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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Could it be getting warmer?

So I wonder if spring is on it's way here yet! It's been so cold, and yet today I finally see some sun! They are predicting about 60degrees for the weekend, I will gladly take that over weeks of 30-42 degrees, so maybe this weekend might mean we can enjoy some outside time.
I was browsing some very interesting photo-shop images on a site that were very creative. I don't know if I can copy a picture without getting into trouble so i'll link to one that I like a lot.
It's here and it's of stonehenge. You will need to scroll down a little bit to see the whole thing.
I hope you all have a nice weekend, I am looking forward to a sleep in.
posted by Grace B at 7:12 AM


I'm are you in the US now since getting married???

8:48 AM  

Where I am, they say, "Don't like the weather in Windsor? Wait ten minutes." It's SO true.

Stay safe in the good old U S of A. Blessing to you and your man.


3:28 PM  

I dream about nice, warm spring too.
Great photos.
Wishing you many, many blessings!

6:50 PM  

Yes I am here in the US now. I finally made it!

Hey Onionboy,
How are you doing? Yeah the 10 minutes thing is true lol.
Thank you and blessings to you too.

I hope it's warm where you are. It seems to be warming up here now thank goodness.

4:34 AM  

It is FINALLY getting nice here. Going to be an awesome weekend! Can't wait.

6:38 AM  

Here's hoping you get some good weather as it's 80 degrees in Austin & I'm going to sit outside after work and enjoy it.

11:32 AM  

On Apr 5 our state recorded the highest heat ever ie 38 degrees.It was getting hotter by Gods grace now we have summer rains :):)

11:13 PM  

Spring is definitely here,
we've had the warmest & sunniest April so far - feels like June.

8:09 AM  

We are having some GORGEOUS weather right now!! Up to 80 today and sunny! I love it!!

7:20 AM  

The weather here has been great. Hope you had a great weekend.

10:27 AM  


me used to be a fan of Arthurian legendry since very little.

not *widescape* pic of Stonehenge, but the contest sounds entertainin..

8:39 AM  

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