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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

You are the reason

I went ahead and stole this fromAntonia's blog because I just had to share it.
Before you watch it, if you are afraid of blood, violence or drug use etc, don't watch it, I would hate it if you had a heart attack whilst reading my blog. :)


posted by Grace B at 9:40 AM


That is a powerful video. I would never have thought of using Hoobastank for somehting like this... but it works.

11:46 PM  

I'm glad that you enjoyed it Art.

11:53 AM  

Hi Carmel!
I miss you! I couldn't open your site and thought that you took break. Hopefully I found you!

Really powerful! Good idea you wrote worning.

Peace and Love be with you!

12:11 PM  

Hi :)
I am back :):)

4:16 AM  

My stomach hurts whenever I see depictions of Christs' crucifixion.

Interesting how those that call themselves Christians turn their backs on the people who really need help the most. Instead of lending a hand, they judge.

Great video.

12:21 PM  

It's nice to see you, i'm not sure what happened on my blog.

Welcome back Sir.

I agree, there can be too much judging and not enough accepting and loving.

10:23 AM  

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