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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Doing things

What have I been doing lately? I have been settling myself in to this lovely town. I hope we buy a home soon, we are looking but are just in the beginnings of it all. I'm going to sell my house too, the AUD is not as strong as the USD so I'll lose money, but doesn't that always happen with just about everything? I have also been enjoying this lovely weather, although as I write this, I'm a bit on the thermally hot side of things.
Summer break is coming up so the husband (I love saying that lol) will be off work for a few months and the daughter (I've always loved saying daughter) will be off school, so we will probably go away to visit family, that will be nice, I love getting away, I love long drives too, although isn't the price of gas ridiculous? disgusting?
I have also been applying for my new Immigration stuff, no it doesn't end when you get married, you then have to apply to adjust your status, you also have to apply for permission to work, the fees for me and my daughter came to around $800 dollars. Then they will want to take my fingerprints and all that. They need to be careful I suppose.
What else have I been doing? Procrastinating, I have really been doing that, I am doing that right now instead of doing things I told myself that I'd get done before now.
I guess that I had better stop procrastinating now.


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800$=40,000 Indian rupees.It isa big money average family can live for 8 months.
Spirlling of gas prices is a problom here also.

12:08 AM  

Like you could be a terrorist or something??? Well, I'm glad to hear that you're settling into our newly shared land nicely despite the immigration woes. Good luck!

P.S. - I still remember the first time I said, "My wife...". It's nice, isn't it?

12:10 AM  

Glad to hear you are settling in and making a home for you guys. I know the immigration stuff can be a hassle. My MIL recently became a citizen after living in the States for almost 30 years.

9:12 AM  

Hey Deepak,
800 rupees is certainly big money, I agree. It looks like gas prices are ridiculous all over the world.

Yeah me the terrorist lol. Yes it is nice saying husband and for you, wife of course.

Thanks, I am adjusting well, or as well as I can. Oh your MIL is a citizen now, that's great, I know how stressful immigrating is, I visit for advice a lot. Hopefully I will get my green card by next year.

11:06 AM  

thanks for the update!
Sounds like you have a lot of stuff to do...lots of paper-work and things which is always stressful.

The pirce of gas in England is pretty huge; almost 2 US dollars per litre.

God Bles

7:17 AM  

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