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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I hope that you all had a nice memorial day and a great long weekend. We went hiking on memorial day and then out to dinner. It's so green and lush around here, so I took my camera and took some pictures. I love hiking and I wish that we could do this every week.
Here are some of the gorgeous things nature let us see!

plants growing on a roof!

above, you can see a little pigeon sitting there, it didn't move when I got close so I left it alone, after snapping a photo of course.

I find it easier to think when I'm hiking and I love how they have the little seats that allow you to sit, rest and take in the view. Hopefully we can go more often, and when I can drive here in the USA I hope to get out and hike as much as possible, although with the way the world is today, if I went alone,I would most definitely take a gun.


posted by Grace B at 6:19 AM


awesome photos. Sounds like you had a nice holiday weekend!

6:52 AM  

Hope you had a great weekend too. The pics are nice!

9:40 AM  

Hope you had a great memorial day as well, I found it relaxing! :)

Great photos, how you liking Ohio?

1:24 PM  

Wow! This looks like a lot of the places in which my wife and I go hiking in NJ. In fact, we saw a black bear a few weeks ago and on Saturday, I nearly stepped on a rather large snake. Interested in photos? Head here.

3:03 PM  

How you feel on your hike is how how I feel when I am cycling. :)

Here in Canada our big May weekend was a week before your Memorial Day, Victoria Day, after the Queen of England...old Brit roots die hard but I'd say they are pretty much dead. In most cases it's now called the two-four weekend after a case of 24 beer rather than the date it used to held, the 24th of May.


5:22 AM  

Like everyone else, I dig the photos as it looks lush and green and peaceful.

I bet it was a nice walk, and the fact that there are places to sit and relax make it all the better.

6:49 AM  

Wonderfull memorial.

Wonderfull pictures.


5:06 PM  

thanks for sharing the pics! T'was a nice break for me from my stressful revision
(exam Friday morning)

I'd be too scared to hold a gun in case I accidently shot myself in the food or something!

5:13 AM  

I did have a nice one, and now I can't wait for the next weekend!

Thanks, I hope that you had a nice one too.

Same to you, I also found it relaxing, there is not much time for relaxation through the wee.
I am loving ohio.

Thanks for the link and I will take a peek!

I haven't been cycling in a long time, I like it too. Oh so you had a long weekend way before the USA!! God bless the Queen ;)

Glad you dig the photos. After walking in the heat of the day it's nice to sit down for a while and do nothing.

Thanks and cheers to you too!

5:15 AM  

Antonia, and who's to say that I would not shoot my foot too?

7:44 AM  

Pics are really nice.

3:59 AM  

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