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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pill that stops periods..

At first I thought it was not true, but it is, a pill that stops periods!! I think that is obsurd, menstration is a part of being a woman!! The pill is called "Laybrel" and it is supposed to stop periods forever.
Laybrel has been developed to stop periods for women who experience pain and difficulty with it, but symptoms and pain during menstration are caused by something like lack of exercise, poor nutrition etc. It will also be used for continual contraception. I am no doctor but I think by stopping your period unnaturally you are stopping your body from doing something that it is supposed to be doing. More concentration should be in the pain relief and the cause.
Women should not be excited about stopping their period either, because it's a sign of good health. it is a part of your womanhood. Of course menopause happens, but that is natural and your body is doing what it is supposed to do at that age. Do we know that stopping your period is safe anyway?
The FDA says that the risks of using Lybrel are the same as other oral contraceptives, those risks are increased risk of:
1. blood clots,
2. heart attacks
3. strokes.
And from what I have read, the label warns that cigarette smoking increases the risk of serious cardiovascular side effects from the use of combination estrogen and progestin-containing contraceptives.
I guess if you smoke you don't mind taking risks, but still!!
And what if you fall pregnant but don't know because you don't get your period anyway? Then you will be taking pills while a baby might be growing inside!! What will happen to the baby then?
Womanhood is not a disease, helllloooo!!!
Well that's just my opinion.
Here is an aritcle by Mike Adams...
FDA approves pill that stops periods; is womanhood a disease? (opinion)


posted by Grace B at 10:52 AM


Yeah, I think something is definately "off" with that logic. As you said, womanhood is not a disease. I honestly think that society today wants women, especially, to just stop needing anything and become a "contributing" automaton. That is what feminism has gotten us--becoming so much like men that we are no longer allowed to have periods. I can't help but wonder how long it will take until women are pressured to take this pill by powers that be in the workplace and society in general.

5:20 AM  

yeh, I agree, we have no idea of the long-term health implications of stopping periods completely for extended periods of time.

People like to say that women were 'suppressed' by men in the olden days...and they probably were in many ways.
But women are just are suppressed now, by denying the fact that they are women, and trying to live as a male.

7:13 AM  

I have heard that science has developed much ,so that a woman can become a mother without carrying ,she can grow a child in a container out side her body :):)

4:04 AM  

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