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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Welcome to Rome

Here is an article about Francis J. Beckwith who has resigned from being the president of the Evangelical Theological Society and returning to Catholicism.
All I can say is "welcome home".

Here is a little piece from the article:

"I do agree with Protestants that there is no good I can do, no work I can perform, that would justify me," Beckwith said. "But there are many places in scripture that say there's an obligation Christians have to take on the character of Christ, and that contributes to their justification. The Catholic solution is: I am required to take on the character of Christ, but it is not my power that does it, but God's grace."
The article is here Evangelical Leader Returns to Catholicism

Also the original statement from his blog can be found here

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posted by Grace B at 7:32 AM


I've read about an increasing number of "evangelicals" returning to or converting to Catholicism. As a non Roman Catholic, I find this phenomenon interesting but not bothersome like some...

9:55 AM  

Same here if it were the other way too.

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6:05 AM  

Great quote! As a Protestant, I would totally agree with that!
And I think that Catholics and Protestants can totally appreciate each other and work together. I know that I appreciate so many of the Catholics throughout history; and I know that a lot of the traditions in our church (I'm Methodist) harkens back to Catholicism. I especially appreciate the beauty in the way you worship!

6:51 AM  

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