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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Fathers Day

Fathers day is coming up tomorrow and I hope that all you fathers have a great day. Parenting is a busy and difficult task. My father passed away almost 6 years ago but I always think of him in a special way on fathers day. As well as God, our heavenly father.
My daughter and I are going to take Jonathan out for breakfast tomorrow (well he is driving).

Also, in my last post I wrote about the orphaned fawn. It is still out there somewhere, I don't know if it is alive or what, I heard it crying out yesterday but I could not find it. It's so difficult to see this sort of thing and not be able to do anything. I have spent a lot of time trying to help it by calling wildlife rescue and looking for it, leaving water and apples outside. The raccoons seem to be the only ones benefiting from it.
I hope it will come back, if it can even survive for so long without it's mother. It's 3 weeks old and my poor family have had to deal with an emotional me all week.

Have a great weekend all.


posted by Grace B at 11:13 AM


I'm sorry to hear about your Dad Carmel.

My dad died just six months ago so I'll be thinking a lot about him tomorrow.


7:53 PM  

Thank you Carmel. I had a great Father's Day.

12:48 PM  

Hello carmel:)

OFF topic here. I have written a piece on Modesty and Prudery. If you have the time let me know what you think?

I always get a shock when I read 'happy fathers day' and think 'Oh no I FORGOT Fathers Day'!!!!!..thank goodness Fathers Day here is in September LOL!

Peace and blessings,


11:31 PM  

Hi Carmel,
the fawn cute :)

I am not a father that I know of

9:12 AM  

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