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Monday, June 11, 2007

Those rides!!

Those big scary roller coaster rides give me the shivers. When I was 16 or so (who can remember age???) I went on a mini roller coaster called the "super loop" and it took you through a loop and left you hanging upside down for a while.
Well I screamed and cried out for the whole thing. My poor friend who sat next to me must have had an ear ache. Nothing was wrong with the ride itself, it's just that it scared me almost to death. And I swore that I would never ride one again. I haven't since.
Now my daughter is asking my husband if he can take her to a roller coaster park thing. I don't know whether I will let her go, it's just way to scary.
Now this story here has happened, and it's looking less likely that she will go. Maybe I am being overprotective, but they are so very scary.


posted by Grace B at 5:37 AM


whoa, that is crazy! I just saw the pic, I never read the story.

it also depends on what state you are in. i guess in MA, the safetly laws for amusement parks are real crappy. they are lax on inspections, and the safety records do not need to be public. I think NJ is real good about that kinda stuff.

8:04 PM  

I havent sat in Roller coster ,but I have sat in Giant wheel.When It goes up and we look down ,the feeling that we get cannot be expressed in words.
I think fear is behind that :):)

12:38 AM  

I know they seem scary, but I think the odds of anything going wrong are very low.

That being said, I wouldn't go to any of those carnival rides that come through town for 2 weeks and then move on. Now those are scary.

6:52 AM  

Yeah some states are a bit too relaxed. There are risks in everything but you will never see me on one ever, and if you do, then it would be because I was forced by gunpoint!

Yes I have been on one of those too, I am scared of those also :)

Yes the odds are low, I am sure that there are more road accidents than those rides faulting.
The ride I went on was one of those 2 week carnival ones too.
I'll never ride one again :)

7:36 AM  

Hi Carmel!
I think mother is always overprotective, I'm too. And this is incurable. When I was in this situation I closed my eyes and ...prayed.

11:07 AM  

I get totally terrified too!!

Luckily for me Chris is just as scared (...maybe even more so!) ! hehe!

3:49 PM  

I have never been on a roller coaster and dont know if I will ever go on one. Bkk bkk thats moi LOL.

I have been reading your blog and really enjoy stopping by here. I would like to put a to you on the blog I share with my dear sis Marie, if that is okay with you. Feel free to visit us anytime

God bless you!

7:19 PM  

I'm a thrill seeker. I love rides and the report doesnt disuade me one bit. It's just an unfortunate instance. I love the feeling of being upside down and going around at a ridiculous speed lol.

I cant wait to go to sydney again so I can go to Luna Park :D

I know Luna Park is in Melbourne too, but it's just not the same as hanging up side down over the harbour lol!

5:43 AM  

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