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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Gun free zones

Jonathan(who has a new blog URL) has posted a link to this video that I have embedded here. It's a way of showing how those gun free zone signs don't really stop criminals from bringing in fire arms anyway.
I have been thinking about this and really, it's the good law abiding citizens who would leave their guns out of these zones. Wouldn't it be better not to post these signs at all and let those people with concealed carry permits in? I think so.


posted by Grace B at 7:23 AM


That's one of the big problems with that kind of legislation: how can it be enforced?

9:49 AM  

That sign is pretty useless. It's probably only used in a court of law when they are charging someone.

As far as prevention - that's impossible.

7:24 PM  

Maybe there is a wider question to ask ourselves. Why in a peaceful country do citizens need to carry guns? Are Americans at war with each other?

Why do so many youths need to carry semi automatic guns?

In Australia we do have gun controls and in my own home we dont have a gun nor do we travel with one.

Maybe I am being too simplistic in thinking that a country that needs so many guns must have an internal problem that is not being adressed.

Very interesting topic Carmel:)

Peace and blessings,


9:06 PM  

I agree with you completely. Gun laws are obeyed by folks who obey laws. Criminals don't obey laws. This is why they are criminals. Why most of this country doesn't understand that is beyond me.

If I were a criminal on my way to a city, I'd go to the one with the toughest gun control laws. That way I'd meet less resistence because less folks would be able to fight my crimes. Going to the city with the toughest gun control laws would make my crimes much easier. Like taking candy from a baby.

4:42 AM  

It would be nice but you're right these signs just don't cut it.

9:52 AM  

man, gun control is an important issue.

you're right about the signs being useless...

but i'm really not very comfortable with concealed gun laws.

11:27 PM  

I always wondered what in the world the purpose of signs like that are. Obviously the criminals are not going to say, "Gee--a gun free zone! Better leave the gun at home, then!"

6:09 AM  

The purpose is to add extra charges against a criminal that is arrested for other things that may not carry as severe penalty and to try them under multiple juristictions.
It helps put more of them away and for longer.
If you can't be bothered to put your gun aside to go to school - you probably shouldn't be going to school.

8:46 PM  

Just to say hello

take care my friend :o)

10:34 AM  

It helps put more of them away and for longer.
If you can't be bothered to put your gun aside to go to school - you probably shouldn't be going to school.

The point of the video, I think, is to show that gun free zones are more wishful thinking than anything else. A criminal couldn't care less that an area is a "gun free zone." I suspect Columbine was a "gun free zone" and in fact, every area in our country should already be a "crime free zone" although posting this fact probably wouldn't do much more good than posting a "gun free zone" sign.

5:53 PM  

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