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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Be a Sign

We live in such a busy world. Life gets hectic, there are not enough hours in the day for some! We often get lost in the day to day life things that occur and it's easy to have "no time" for God. Yeah I have been there and go there.
I know a lot of people some who are Christian and some who are not etc, most people know me as a Christian girl (soon to be Catholic yippee!).
Therefore as Christians I think we can forget to be a sign of God's love, we get too busy and tend to not worry about people around us who might be interested in whatever it is that you "got" that they don't.
I get asked a lot about how I came to be a Christian, I find so many people just want to know!!
So it's important for us to be that sign of God's love. It doesn't have to be a big thing we do each day, just a smile at someone who is having a bad day, a hello or a coffee with someone who is lonely, elderly, driving someone to the store etc etc, just small things like that can mean a huge thing to someone in need of kindness.
We can pray about this here in a prayer that I want to post....Like I don't post enough hehehe

Prayer to Be a Sign for Others

WHEN I wait for the streetcar,
I think of You
and keep looking for You
in the impassive faces of others
who are waiting
like me,
I look for a smile,
a sparkle of love,
but see only impatience,
and dashes,
there is no personal contact.
Yet they are human
like me,
in need of love.
I feel a crisis coming.
How can I be for them, too,
a sign of Your love?
Lord, I want to measure
all of myself against Y our love,
because if I accept myself as I am,
You teach me
how to be a true "sign"
of Your love. By Anna Teresa Ciccolini

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