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Monday, November 01, 2004

All Souls Day

Let us all remember our departed loved ones and all the Souls, prayer is so valuable...

For all the Faithful departed

I believe that in Your wisdom and justice
You willed to purify all persons who die
without having attained the state that they need
for all eterntiy,
all who have still to expiate completely
the sins committed on earth.
I also believe that You have mercifully arranged
that this process of purification can be aided
by the prayers of the living,
and especially by the Eucharist.

Help me to pray for my brothers and sisters
who have departed from this world.
May their time of purification be short
and they be quickly guided into that holy light
promised by our Lord to Abraham and his descendants.
I offer You sacrifices and prayers of praise.
Accept them for all the souls of the faithful departed
and admit them all to the eternal joy of heaven.

The invocations to me are so important because my heart goes out to all of these:

pour forth Your blessings and Your mercies
upon all souls in purgatory for whom
by reason of charity, gratitude, and friendship
I am bound to desire to pray.

Jesus, our Saviour
give us Your blessing,
deliver us from everlasting death,
assist Your holy Church,
give peace to all nations,
and deliver the holy souls suffering in purgatory.

ETERNAL rest grant to them,
O Lord
and let perpetual light shine upon them.
May they rest in peace.

MARY Mother of God and Mother of mercy,
pray for us and for all who have died
in the embrace of the Lord.

HOLY Mary,
our Lady of Deliverance,
pray for us
and for the holy souls in purgatory

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