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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Prayer to the Father, Our Creator and Liberator

I thought I would start off with a Prayer that I love and would love to share. I am soon to be re-received in the Catholic Church and it is such a great experience preparing for it all. My boyfriend who runs Ancient and Future Catholic Musings has been a wonderful inspiration from the start of it all, and God has been my motivator, I look forward to writing about my next step in the Church :-)

You are a living person,
You are not an impersonal Owner
but a Father,
and your glory is a person who is fully human.

You created us and gave us creativity;
You are responsible for our being here,
and You endowed us with the responsibility.
You are eternally new
and You inspire us to seek ever new fulfillment
in accord with Your Divine Plan.

You are the liberating God of the Exodus
Who inspire us to seek true freedom constantly.
You help us to free ourselves from selfishness
and to go out of ourselves to others
and You.

You are infinite Love
and You invite us to be new persons
and bring Your love to others.
Grant us the power to labor in the world
with true freedom,
with honest creativity
with ungrudging responsibility,
with complete selflessness,
and with unfeigned love for all.

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