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Thursday, October 21, 2004

The gift of life

Life is such a miracle and a gift. The whole way we are brought into this world, a child growing in a mothers womb, staring at a newborn baby and talking to women about their emotions while pregnant, goes to show that this is a wonderful gift.
In a mothers womb, grows a human being, all human beings have the right to life and deserve respect, but sadly there are people who feel that abortion is not a murder, but in fact it is. It's a deliberate act and a deliberate destruction of life.
Pope John Paul II said "all human life is sacred, for it is created in the likeness of God." So, aborting this life, this creation, destroys a life, destroys the human being and causes a death.
The Church's mission is to defend human life from birth until natural death, they will always continue to do this.
So here is a prayer for the unborn which I found on

Heavenly Father, in your love for us protect,
against the wickedness of the devil, those
helpless little ones to whom, You have given
the gift of life.
Touch with pity the hearts of those women
pregnant in our world today who are not thinking of
Help them to see that the child they carry is made
in Your image - as well as theirs - made for eternal
Dispel their fear and selfishness and give them true womanly hearts
to love their babies and give them birth, and all the needed care
that a mother can give.
We ask this through Jesus Christ, Your Son, Our Lord Who lives
and reigns with You and Your Holy Spirit, One God forever and ever. Amen

Let's take into consideration this life in the womb of a woman, this life created by God, the giver of life, and remember that it is sacred.
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