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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Vulnerable Women

I was surprised to learn that the third largest source of profit for International organized crime, after drugs and arms are....Women who are bought and sold in human trafficking.
This is according to an Amnesty International report. Women are vulnerable to other crimes such as rape and enslavement.
N.S.W governor Dr.Marie Bashir said in a report,
"As I speak we can be sure that somewhere, some atrocity is being meted out to an innocent female victim" she continues..."There is no doubt this phenomena is a global problem and one which has existed for millennia. The challenge today is in our response and how can we contribute to , or participate in repudiation and extinguishment of these dreadful behaviors"
According to this report, women are frequently singled out for torture in armed conflicts, because of their role as educators and as symbols of the community. Tutsi women in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda and muslim, croat, serb and ethnic Albanian women in former Yugoslavia, were tortured because they were women or a particular, national, ethnic or religious group.
"women who have been bought and sold for labor, sexual exploitation and forced marriage are also vulnerable to physical violence, including rape, unlawful confinement, confiscation of identity papers and enslavement" Bashir said.
It's so sad that women are so vulnerable in today's society, it's a fact that we just are, things like this don't just happen in trafficking but all around us, in all countries and situations.
World bank figures show that violence is so universal with every 1 in 5 women having experienced physical or sexual assault. In the US a woman is battered every 15 seconds, while 700,000 are raped every year. So from strangers to within the home, women are at risk.
This issue has really troubled me and I am sure it has alot of people out there, our prayers are what we have to offer and hopefully a change for the better. These figures are astounding.
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