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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Tiny lives lost

I was saddened to read a Herald Sun article this morning. I have decided to type some of it here:

No Ban On Abortions

Abortions will remain legal in Victoria (Australia) after the state government yesterday ruled out changing the law.

Premier Steve Bracks said there was no strong argument to ban abortions and Victorias regulations on pregnancy terminations were working well.

Governor General Michael Jeffery this weekend backed Senior Howard government front benchers, including Health Minister Tony Abott, who said there were too many abortions in Australia. Some Coalition MP's want to stop medicare support for abortions.

A spokesperson for state Health Minister Bronwyn Pike said she believed abortion was a personal decision for women.

It's obvious here that some leaders don't realize what is at stake here, there are outstanding figures of abortion in this country, I don't know how Premier Steve Bracks (I have never been a fan of his) could say that there is no strong argument to ban abortions.

Our Governor General Michael Jeffery is trying to call for a change, he believes that there are too many abortions in this country. He came out with some figures, and I will write some words here as read on the Sunday Herald Sun:
Maj-Gen Jeffery, 67 said he was not criticizing women who had to make a terrible decision", but 100,000 abortions a year were too many for this country with Australia's population.
"That's as many as our immigration quota. It's an awful lot," Maj-Gen Jeffery said "look at our population. It's a lot of lives. I would agree with any prescription that said that we all have to work together to keep it to an absolute minimum.
"No body likes it. The girls who have to go through it, the families and so on."
Maj-Gen Jeffery said he believed that improved education was the best method to reduce the numbers. With a majority in the new senate, senior Howard Government ministers are proposing a limit on Medicare funded abortions, especially of late term fetuses.

So that was some of that article. I believe that we need to start to focus on what society is saying here, I think that there is a huge lack of education, I know personally of girls who have had abortions and they are quick to forget it, but quick to get back into promiscuity, therefore they do need to be educated on what they have really done, deliberate termination of a life.
I hope and pray that there is some change, I back our Governor General all they way, lets all pray for some change here.

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