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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Mother of the Unborn

Mother, baby and it's guardian angel

Mother of the Unborn

King Herod in a jealous rage
to kill our Savior set the stage
for slaughter of innocent babes
to safeguard the power he madly craved
"No more children" Rachel mourned
little gifts of life cruelly scorned
an infant God escaped that day
but now more babes each day pay
"They are not persons" we hear them say
and so their mothers anytime may
play the game Herods way
"You are an obstacle babe in the womb"
"You must be destroyed adopt your tomb"
Despite man's deeds Our savior still lives
to the baby victims eternal life he will give.
There is time to change hearts of stone
turn around and face God's throne
forgiveness see. His love repay
by saving babies everyday.
No more Herods do we need
God's Word and Power we must heed.

by Irene Gilmary pro-life worker


Holy Mary Mother of God,
Mother of the unborn
As you hold Our Infant Savior up
for the world to see
intercede for us before your Infant Son
for the end of the willful killing of
life in the womb
Holy innocents pray for us. Amen
posted by Grace B at 3:30 PM


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