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Friday, April 11, 2008

Incestual relationship

An incestual relationship is wrong! Family is not made to mix in that way. If you are involved in an incestual relationship you need to get advice from someone you can trust. A mother or father, sister or brother should not cross the boundaries, ever.
There is love to be found out there, don't settle by joining with someone in your family.
This story makes my skin crawl!! A father and daughter in a relationship, with children.
Where do people set their boundaries? These two people have crossed a terrible line.
Here is the link

So what do you think about this?
posted by Grace B at 5:10 AM


the story is horrific and that article's critique is very insightful.

6:37 AM  

That is terrible. Aren't there laws against this. Can't government put a stop to it?

7:13 AM  

I think that they have been told by the courts that they are not allowed to have sex anymore and are on a "good behavior bond" I don't see how the court would know whether they have sex or not.

1:01 PM  


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