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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lacking on updates

Since being pregnant I have not really paid attention to my blog! I am now 28 weeks pregnant and feel a lot better than I did in the early months. I am now starting to get some energy back and am doing a little bit more.
I feel our baby kicking mostly at night and she is pretty still during the day, or at least, I can't feel much during the day.
I am certainly growing, my belly gets in the way of putting socks on and getting into our bed is interesting too.
My husband and daughter have felt the kicking too and are pretty excited about the due date. I am just going to enjoy every bit of sleep and rest that I can get before then.
I hope everyone out there is doing well. Also, happy new year!!
posted by Grace B at 6:11 AM


I know what you mean - I haven't updated in over a month - too busy with my teaching job. My belated congrats on the baby, Carmel. I was going to mention it long ago but I keep forgetting to leave a comment.

7:04 AM  

Hi, Carmel.

I always thought that the reason my babies were quiet during the day was that I was moving around and that sort of lulled them to sleep. Now at night, when I was still, they'd go into their calisthenics mode. They all had the hiccups, too.

Congratulations again on your baby. Take care!

12:45 PM  

Happy New Year to you, and glad to hear that things are improving. Good luck staying on the upward track.

6:12 AM  

heya! nice to hear from you!!
Glad to hear it is going well!

God Bless

4:03 PM  

Glad you're feeling Better, Carmel! Keep in touch...

2:14 PM  

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