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Friday, December 07, 2007

Jennifer Love Hewitt is NOT fat!!

Jennifer Love Hewitt is not fat at all, she is healthy and radiant looking. Focusing on a size 2 womans butt is the wrong thing to do. No wonder there are so many pressures out there on young girls, and all this crash dieting/anorexia going on. Size zero should not be the ideal.
Size zero models look unhealthy and their airbrushed pictures in magazines are very unrealistic. We wonder why everyone rushes to plastic surgery and feel unhappy with their bodies, now matter how many times you tell them they look great.
My opinion is that Jennifer Love Hewitt is a beautiful woman.
None of us can be airbrushed beauties at the beach in a bikini.


posted by Grace B at 5:51 AM


Agreed. At least she's speaking out about it too. And nobody looks as good without air-brushing, which is a huge industry in and of itself.

6:14 AM  

Yes, I like that she is speaking out and saying that she loves her body.

2:56 PM  

I briefly heard about that. I think the comment was her ass was flabby or looked like it never saw a gym. You can be super skinny and have a hideous butt.

In my opinion, I kinda think 2 is a bit too skinny. Sometimes I see chicks that are a size 0 or 2, and I think to myself that chick can gain a couple of pounds and she might even be healthier because of it.

6:39 PM  

unless its in ur genetics, size zero is really too skinny IMHO

girls r trying waaaay too hard nowadays to be small and its frankly quite hard on the eyes and mind.

its too bad the fashion and wardrobe industry calls the shots on figures and indirectly, health.

2 many grown women trying to look like little girls and the wanna-be -men who adore them [wicked smile]

sorry, couldnt resist. aimed @ a certain kind of individual in particular tho. the casanova-jerk type.

gotta post something on this topic in future, huh

4:14 PM  

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