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Thursday, November 01, 2007

All Saints Day

Today we celebrate All Saints Day
The vigil of this feast was yesterday being "All hallows eve" otherwise known as "Halloween".
Every November 1st we honor all Saints known and unknown. And also those members of our families/friends, who are known only by us. The Church honors these Saints because "they were faithful" It is like a memorial day really.
Then on November 2nd we have "All souls day" which is a commemoration of the faithful departed.
It's good to pray for those souls who are longing to be in heaven, for our loved ones and also for ourselves, so that we may be united in heaven with those we loved here on earth.

Here is a prayer for All Saints Day:
Dear Father, You have given the saints in Heaven eternal happiness and they now live in the fullness of Your glory. Because of their holy love for You, they also care about me and my family, my friends, my church, and my neighbors. Thank You for the gift of their friendship and the witness of their holy lives. I ask our patron saints and every saint who has become especially dear to me to intercede for us. I ask them to help us journey safely on the narrow path that leads to Heaven. O Lord, give us their protection. Grant us their assistance in overcoming temptation and gaining the fullness of life with You. Amen.

There are more prayers found here


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