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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I have been lazy

It's not that I've been lazy, but blog lazy. Everything seems to happen around November/December, it's always been the busiest time of year for me. I can't wait for the Christmas break because my husband and daughter get time off work/school.
Nothing new has happened, I did get sick last month and was taking naps in the day, which I can't stand doing normally. Now I am all better and have more energy so I will be back to the blogging. I am still pregnant, at this stage I feel like I have swallowed a huge basketball, it's hard to get my socks on or bend over to pick something up, so when I do actually drop something I get a bit impatient.
We are getting quite a lot of snow, it's pretty from inside where I am warm. I did get out in the snow yesterday though, I wanted to try plowing the driveway (with a shovel not a plow, we don't have one) to see how difficult it was, well it's easy!! Well not that easy but do-able at least. Pregnant women can shovel snow too!
That might sound strange to those of you who live in these cold parts, but this will be my first Ohio winter, so all is new to me.
I wish that I had something more creative to share than to talk about myself, I will come up with something soon and I will visit blogs soon too.
Have a great december, Oh and for those who are interested in the Church year, Advent has begun!!
Bye bye!!

*my husband is doing the shoveling now, he said "you're pregnant" (yes he is lovely) so all the credit of nice driveways goes to him now.


posted by Grace B at 6:29 AM


I hope you are having a blessed beginning to Advent!

7:43 AM  

Nice to hear from you!


12:18 PM  

I'm glad to hear that everything is going well and that you have more energy than you did before.
This must be such an exciting time!

When are you due?

10:12 AM  

Wow...I think I missed the whole pregnancy news! Congrats (a little late)!

12:12 PM  

you must have only got an inch or so. wait till you get 8 inches of wet snow. even with a snow blower that sucks.

i hate shoveling (even with a snow blower) my driveway.

it is kind of amusing hearing somebody talk about snow they way you do, but then again i have seen it all my life.

6:15 PM  

You can come shovel my driveway if you like? haha I hate the snow hate it hate it hate it. I hope this is the last of it but know there will be more, just hope we don't get blasted like we did last year

9:59 PM  

Thanks I hope that you are too.

Thank you.

I am due April 17th, it's going way too fast, I am trying to enjoy every minute of my spare time and sleep before then. Thanks.

It's easy to miss, time just goes too fast. Thank you.

Yes that does not sound very good at all, I don't like it when it gets icy and slippery out there. I offered to shovel snow yesterday and my husband wont let me now, he said it's because I am pregnant. How lovely.

I remember visiting in february one year and being stuck inside because of the snow, that was no fun. I love summer more.

4:53 AM wife is due about four days before you are!

7:53 AM  

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