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Wednesday, November 07, 2007


We had our first snow of autumn! I am certainly not ready for the snow shoveling, the tough driving, ice, slippery pavements etc, but today it is just a little dusting and it's certainly pretty. It's weird to see fall decorations among the winter look of snow. I took a photo of my pumpkin and gourds early this morning (the gourds are now buried under the snow) because it looked neat. Here is the picture:


posted by Grace B at 8:52 AM


Snow already! Wow, I hope we have a few more weeks before we get snow.

10:31 AM  

Wow! No snow here yet. It felt much colder than the 45 degrees Fahrenheit that my car thermometer said it was outside though.

4:06 PM  

I am sorry Carmel but to me no snow is pretty haha :) We have yet to have any thank god, and the longer the better.

12:15 PM  

:(We dont have snow falls,we have only rains that floods the entire city
Thank you
Enjoy a nice week end

4:39 AM  

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